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  • Would You Rather
    4.6K 263 24

    ✨✨classic rock edition✨✨

  • Whatever The Fuck.
    3K 172 116

    Me and Tori being ✨S I M P S✨ for however long this book gets.

  • ⭐memes⭐||classic rock edition
    47.8K 1.7K 55

    ⭐⭐classic rock memes y'all⭐⭐ ||still ongoing|| all rights reserved

  • Makeup and girls (GNR FANFIC)
    4.5K 254 11

    Some random ass crack fic Guns N' Roses is turned into girls by Skid Row. Some other band(s) come in and you'll see what happens Also the timeline is fucked but it's a fanfic so who cares.

    9K 545 23

    Aw crap. Someone stole Nikki Sixx's hairspray. In a frantic attempt to find it, he drags his band and Guns N' Roses along. Who knows who took it? Not me. I mean, we do know whoever did it isn't very bright. And for some reason not to my knowledge, everyone's a little...insane...

    3.7K 275 23

    ***The prequel to WHO STOLE THE HAIRSPRAY?!, I recommend reading that story first. You don't necessarily have to, but it'll make more sense.*** Aw crap. Somebody stole Vince Neil's lipstick. In a panicked attempt to find it, he ends up unveiling I shouldn't reveal that yet. Who knows who took it? I do...