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  • Days of Survival
    3.5K 101 12

    The miracle medicine that the world had been waiting for was finally found in a Swedish lab. Without much thought, the elixir was globally distributed - as a cure for every disease known to men. However, like all good things, the reign of the medicine ended. In the process, pulling countless carcasses with it; catastr...

  • Rachel's Song
    172 4 2

  • Going Under Cover
    4.6K 215 28

    Cassy Richards was twenty three and three-quarters years old and perfectly content with her life. She and the world had a mutual understanding really. She was a bitch and so was the world. And that's the way she liked it, everything plain and simple and lined out in a orderly line. What could really happen to this lo...

  • Misery's Solace - The Fifth Estate
    6.7K 88 4

    It's 2016, only months following a short but bloody conflict between Israel and Iran. In an effort to salvage what little remains of a barely stable region, NATO launches a peacekeeping operation to bring law and order back to those who lost it. The story follows a small group of U.S Army soldiers from 1st Platoon of...

  • The Edge of Honour
    5.9K 567 51

    Morgan and Gorran had never dreamt of working for the CIA or MI5 and why would they? However, when the two young teenagers discover that they possess super powers, they vow to use their gift to protect their countries. They are blissfully unaware of the kidnappings, shoot-outs and betrayal that lie in their wake. Morg...

  • Camilla Waters and The Door of Shadows
    115K 2.7K 44

    Camilla Waters has fought knights, tricked trolls, and saved dragons, well, in her head at least, but she never once thought any of it would happen in reality. But when an old elf pops out of the crack in her foster parent's living room wall, Camilla's whole life is thrown out of order. Enslaved since his youth, the e...

  • Irregular (A Dystopian Novel)
    11.3K 353 19

    Sixteen year old, Eric Winslow, lives in a world where being smarter than the government, being physically strong and intelligent, could kill you. The United States was destroyed in a world war, creating a broken and helpless society. So, The Advisor stood up and led the people, bringing the shattered pieces of a dyi...

  • Superheroes
    13.9K 1K 21

    Being 'a bit genuinely psychic', school loner Ash knows that something's amiss when a boy's death is hurriedly written off as suicide. After the departed victim collides with the ground directly before his feet, he’s convinced that Hawthorne Academy has seen its first murder. It's just up to Ash to prove it. An...