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  • You Had Me at Hello ✔️
    19.7K 1.2K 2

    On the subway at midnight, there's a girl with an empty notebook and a boy with a face worth drawing. Commissioned entry by Hulu. Alex Light © All Rights Reserved 2019

  • Subway Cars & Lonely Hearts
    282K 9.9K 41

    in which a college student accidentally leaves her journal on the subway and a hollywood star contacts the number inside.

  • Bus Stations
    30.2K 2K 14

    In which aspiring artist and University student Astrid Beckett meets the fun, the charming, the totally crazy turquoise boy named Theo Francis. This is a rough draft. © by Sydney Druckman 2022. Early matters subject to change.

  • Beethoven
    142K 10.9K 14

    In which Kiara Bergmann meets a German boy who should've been buried over two hundred years ago. [Extended summary inside] #22 Short Story #115 Humor

  • Pick Me Up
    7K 631 10

    ❝YOUR PICK-ME-UP HAS ARRIVED.❞ | how the girl in apartment 341 meets the guy delivering groceries amidst a city shutdown » and the exchange of notes and messages that follow. | sporadic updates.

  • The People On The Plane
    8.8K 847 7

    Aspen Klaremonte's last day is no more interesting or much more eventful than any other. And when the plane she is on malfunctions, it doesn't seem to change much. It doesn't seem to change her or any of the other passengers, save for their hysterical panic and the fact that soon they will probably be dead. They will...

  • Love is a Losing Game
    6.2K 293 9

    Eliska Foy is determined not to fall in love. What's the point? Love is just adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, after all. It's all just a cocktail of lies and chemicals. Joshua Archer has never shied away from a challenge and Eliska Foy is the walking definition of one. As Mercer Prep's notorious playboy, Joshua i...

  • Eye Drops (#2)
    1.1M 84.2K 71

    "This is Westerden Optometrist. What are your symptoms?" "For starters, my eyesight has been super blurry and distorted, and this problem is starting to screw up seventeen-year-old life. Speaking of which, you sound kind of young for an optometrist. How old are you?" "Um, I don't think it'd be the greatest idea for th...

  • Caffeine | PUBLISHED
    6.8M 137K 23

    [Caffeine is out now in paper back and Kindle!] "Medium black with three sugars, please." Isaac Hensick was your typical popular high schooler. He had tanned skin, girls on each arm and lungs full of cigarette smoke. But what most people didn't know was that he had a passion for drawing and a taste for black coffee. M...

  • 1.1 | Cherry Knots ✓
    7.3M 208K 13

    Declan Harte is hopeless at kissing. So when he seeks the help of Eloise McAllister, the girl who kisses brilliantly, he doesn't think much of it. After all, what kind of trouble could one cherry knot possibly bring? All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2013 by Noelle N.

  • 4am
    33.9K 2.1K 10

    In which two insomniacs bond over mutual dark eye circles and that feeling of emptiness that occurs right around the 4am point. [#34 short story]

  • Meet Cute
    53.2K 2.6K 8

    Arthur and Arabella really ought to stop meeting like this. [#8 short story / #80 teen fiction]

  • The Art Of Sending Flowers
    280K 22.9K 15

    "Orange lillies are said to represent passion. I just want you to know that I hate you with a burning passion." - In which a sarcastic, sassy and undeniably heartbroken boy who goes by the name of Archer Giovani buys flowers for his cheating ex-girlfriend everyday according to his different emotions in the shop Elnor...

  • Lemon Drops & Candy Shops
    527K 32.6K 36

    ❝In which the cynical, sour-faced heartbreaker meets the cheerful candy shop cashier.❞ | What happens when she sees past his bitter exterior, and he sees through her sugarcoated surface? | A screenplay-style dialogue story with a tangy twist. Completed. Teen Fic | Romance | Short Story

  • Double Vision
    118K 5.9K 9

    “My sister passed away over a month ago. The last time I saw her was yesterday.” When eighteen-year-old Reese Washington dies of an undetected heart defect, she leaves a bucket list behind: ten things, all incomplete, detailing the stuff she never got to do. Struggling with her grief, Reese’s twin sister, Callie, sees...

  • Thirster 2467
    285K 14.6K 29

    Everyone believes that the government are hiding aliens in Area 51 in Nevada. How about if there's exactly the same underground building in New York? But they don't have 'aliens' they have something deadlier that runs in the night. Vampires. Twenty-six year old Marilyn Hurly has been alone all her life. When she wa...