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  • Pen Pals {Kenma x Reader}
    342K 9.6K 17

    You lived in Canada and have a pen pal named Kenma Kozume who lives in Tokyo and one day you move and you happen to move into the same city as your pen pal and even better or maybe worse... He is your neighbour.

  • French fry! ( Tsukishima ff ) reader x Tsukishima
    35.5K 520 20

    Y/n is a clumsy person who has a brother who practices volleyball, once his whole team comes to their home which causes Y/n to meet the new 1st years. One tall boy with the name Tsukishima seems to be not so nice.... But something unexpected happens, what will happen? ( I don't own any of the pictures credits to the r...

  • "Is there a problem...Pipsqueak?" TsukkixReader/TsukishimaxReader
    5.8K 163 7

    "You're so stupid," he said as they slid over my ears. " I heard that." "I know," Tsukishima said with a sly smile as he redirected his attention back to the paper. _________________________________________________ (sweet and salty Tsukishima with some funny moments) You volunteered you and your best friend Yachi to b...

  • My Little Princess (L X Reader)
    65.2K 1.5K 6

    You live with the famous detective L to work on the Kira case. What will this turn into? Your life with L can go down many paths, but which one will his heart choose?

  • Demonic Protector (Fem! Demon! Reader x Shinoa)
    22.7K 549 7

    Y/n is a demon. A demon that no one knew of. She is a weapon of course. The only demons that were known were the ones of the black demon series. Though, there was a demon class called "White Demon Series". This was a weapon class that no human can use. Not even a vampire. If they were to even touch the handle, the han...

  • Death Note: L Lawiet x Reader, {Hello Old Friend}
    31.8K 911 31

    You live with a crazy father who is Saddly an alcoholic. At the age of 7 you decide to run. You run to Tokyo Japan where someone finds you and sends you to an orphanage. At the orphanage you meet a strange boy 1 - 2 years older than you. He says his name is, "L." You hope to yourself that you will see him again when y...

  • smitten! (tsukishima kei x reader)
    9.5K 494 11

    Love really doesn't come with any warning signs. (Name) had to learn that the hard way.

  • •°Distance°•~KenmaxReader! (✔Completed✔)
    27.2K 570 13

    Imagine you're the daughter of a wealthy game maker worth more than my life. You are (Y/N) Imagine you are a highschool second year, who loves games You are Kenma Imagine you are an unknown adversary disguised as your love. You are......? Imagine you (Y/N) made a viral game under the watchful...