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  • Libra || A Graphic Shop
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    θρεηεδ ||✖ ςισzεδ ||♎ θη Ηιατυs ||✖ 🌟ωειςοme το mγ gгαρhιςs shορ🌟 ☆Ι mακε αιι οf τhε βειοω~ ☆ςονεгs☆ ☆βαηηεгs☆ ☆ςhαгαςτεг αεsτhετιςs☆ ☆mοοδβοαгδs☆ ☆ρгοfιlε ριςτυгε☆ ☆sτιςκεгs☆ 🎉ςοmε гιghτ ιη αηδ jοιη τhe fυη🎉

  • I got tagged
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    Ī ĞØŤ ŤĄĞĢĔĐ. °•°☆°•°♡°•°☆°•° QŪÊŞŤĪÕŇŠ ĄŅĐ ÃŅŠWÊŘ °•°☆°•°♡°•°☆°•° ĀŁĻ ĀBØŰŤ MË °•°☆°•°♡°•°☆°•°

  • Guilty Love |COMPLETED|
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    THIS CONTAINS MATURE SCENES! Highest rank: #3: hopeless love "Why are you looking me like that?" He asked. "Like what?" I ask startled "Like you want to have for my lunch right now," he said casually and I squirmed in my seat. God, what were you thinking to get a grip of your self? "No of course not," I said my face r...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Revenge ✅ [EDITING]
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    Highest rank: #1: theojames #2: marriage #9: new adult ♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥▪♥ "So how does a 'real wife' suppose to behave huh? Tell me Mr. I know everything!" I screamed and he started walking towards me. "Start learning woman," he said and before I got a chance to interpret what he said, he pulled m...

  • R E D O ||18+
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    ♣ HIM ♣ I don't believe in love. I mean is it even real? If it is, why do people break up and leave each other hurt and broken? Why do we suffer while in love when we should be happy? Is it possible to cure a heartbreak? When I have had answers to these questions, then I will believe in love. ♣ HER ♣ I only want one...

  • LOGAN |Slow Updates|
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    🔅#1 of Falcons Brother's vengeance.🔅 The thing about revenge is very interesting. When Logan and his two brothers came to the Miller's residence, their exclusive goal was to avenge the death of their father who was killed by Anthony Miller. But things get twisted when Logan can't resist the beauty and charms of An...