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  • My Dear Themi
    1.5K 344 6

    With her wiggly wobbly legs, she pushed him against the couch and leaned closer to analyse the features on his face which was chaotic, bitter and impassive. On the spur of the moment, she pecked on his lips abruptly which she was gawking for a few trices. But it didn't last even for a few second as he jerked her off a...

  • Her Tranquil Tales
    52K 4.9K 23

    A Collection of Short Stories which mostly contains romance but, along with few amazing twists and thrills! You can expect stories in different genres varying from Romance to Teen Fiction to Spiritual to Mystery! Join the journey of many amazing people in this book and read the fun and love filled stories. #1 in cu...

  • Forbidden Crush ✔
    61.2K 7.8K 20

    🏅1st Place Winner in Wildrose Multi Awards 2020 🏅1st Place Winner in The Reader's Choice Awards 2020 🏅 1st Place Winner in Rainbow Awards 2020 🎖2nd Place Winner in The Scribblers Awards 2020 under BEST NOVEL This is a story of an eighteen-year-old girl who has a huge crush on her college senior. Naiza Rehman is...