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  • "i'm gonna start over with you" ( A TANAKA X READER STORY READ DESCRIP)
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    um ok so this might be trash this is my first story so let me know how it's looking :) also don't be too harsh ik it might not be the best but i'm trying. i may or may not have a secret lemon/lime hidden in the story and aftermath ;)). i will be doing one shots for story ideas and other characters :))

  • dear tanaka ✓
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    [ TANAKA RYUUNOSUKE X FEM!READER ] writing letters to you is my way of coping with our split !unedited angst. just angst.

  • Nice kill, Tanaka. (Tanaka x Reader)
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    Oop none of these characters are mine, don't sue me. Also, hi this is my first and probably last story on wattpad. I did this for fun, and will probably just be writing this for myself since I'm not actively on wattpad. If you are reading this, sorry for my trAshy writing. This book is a joke, lol. Ok cool have fun o...

  • Ryunosuke Tanaka x Reader Oneshots
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    there might be some smut because I love him but I'll give a warning Tanaka needs more love so here are so Oneshots of him!!

  • DuMbAsS~ a Tanaka x Reader
    8.8K 324 13

    You enter a new school and become close friends with Tanaka and Nishinoya. You grow a slight crush on Tanaka, but he has his eyes set on someone else.

  • Ryunosuke Tanaka Oneshots
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    Little stories with the Baldy of the Karasuno High's volleyball team and you, the reader!