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    (On-going) ° Pro ° | Diamond Velasquez Montenegro | >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Diamond Velasquez Montenegro = " I falling in love with a man who forget me and our relationship. " Kelleon Santiago Buenaventura = " Please forgive me for forget you, forget about the relationship between us. " Dia...

  • Unconscious
    2.3K 668 12

    How can Grace Lavine, a 17 year old Senior, bring back everything she lost without even knowing that she'd already became a murderer in just a blink of her eye?? Unconscious, an English Horror/Thriller story that'll show how hard life can be for a Senior High School student who will never knew what really happened tha...

  • We Were (We Series #1)
    12.3K 7.6K 34

    Maria Aileen Ayala was just living her life as she wishes it to be. She was clear with her ambitions - persistent and uncontrollable. She was ideal. She was the girl people would always remember like she was imprinted in anyone's memory. But she was forgotten... By the love of her life... Pierre Oliver Lacson. Will...

  • Sinful Heaven (Completed)
    292K 3.2K 63

    Miggy was married to Francine for two years and had an affair with Vera, Francine's best friend. He thought they could easily hide it, but it turns out to be the worst mistake of his life.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 (on going)
    23 3 1

    Expect the unexpected! Life is full of surprises. No one can predict the future. On what will gonna happen today, later and tomorrow. A simple vacation will have a survival adventure.

  • Tahanan ng mga Tula
    276 221 6

    Unang-una sa lahat, lahat na ipapaskil ko rito ay aking mga gawa/akda. Isa pa lamang akong baguhang manunulat at hangad ko na sa pamamaraang ito ay mas mahubog pa aking kakayahan sa pagsusulat. Narito ako para matuto at magbahagi ng aking mga piyesa. Hangad ko sa darating na bukas ay makakuha ako ng suporta. Lubos po...

  • Poesy
    324 152 18

    "Word can either make or break, be wary of the word you spit 'cause not all humans are born warrior some are fragile prey." +++ Words unspoken that's why I use paper and pen to write down producing sort of poetry, quartains, ode, haiku, some are short stories in a form of prose and an accrostic poems. The more pain I...

  • Larawan (One-shot)
    1.4K 93 1

    "Ang pagkakaibigan ay isang kayamanan na hindi mapapalitan kailanman" ~dark_symphony

  • Plastik
    118 11 1

    poem about friendship

  • Hopeless
    19 3 1

    Ran already knew that Troy was her future the moment she laid her eyes on him. The problem is, he didn't feel the same. She always runs over but he always walk away. She was bright like fire while he was cold just like the ice. Can she manage to melt his frozen heart? Or will she end up failing and hopeless? Just li...

  • Crimson City: The den of monsters
    69 11 3

    Sa mundong ginagalawan natin, hindi lahat ng bagay ay kayang ipaliwanag. Hindi lahat ng tanong ay may kasagutan. Hindi lahat ng nakikita ay pawang katotohanan. Hindi lahat ng hindi mo pa nasasaksihan ay hindi mo na paniniwalaan. Hindi lahat ng kuwento ay pawang istorya lamang. Ang mundo ay puno ng misteryo kung saan m...

  • She's Dying Soon (Completed)
    87.2K 2.3K 14

    Highest rank achieved by tags: #1 in Dying, #1 in Worthit and #1 in Heartbreaking. Ang sabi nila, habang bata ka pa ay dapat ienjoy mo lang ang buhay. Para daw kahit lumipas man ang panahon ay wala kang pagsisihan balang araw. Ngunit paano mo ieenjoy ang isang bagay na alam mong may hangganan? Na hindi tulad sa iba ay...

  • Bloody Society
    8.5K 302 63

    Rafaella De Chavez is the president's runaway daughter. Obviously, she ran away from home and has no intention of coming back ever. She decides to go to a place where no one recognizes her: the Lenin Academy which she finds as a strange and a weird school. As she struggles her daily life pretending to be someone else...

  • Philautia
    156 40 23

    Nephilim series #1: Philautia Aya and Maddox ended up fighting the first time they met. Sa kasamaang palad ay naaksidente sila at matapos nito ay nagsimula na siyang managinip at makakita ng mga imahe kasama ng isang lalaking hindi niya kilala. Ano nga ba ang mga imahe at panaginip na kanyang nakikita? At bakit tila p...

  • Trinity Cross: The Demon Hunter
    67 2 1

    She's a hunter. A very ruthless one. And her mission is to find the demon successor and to watch his every move. She even received the permission to kill him if he is proven a threat to humanity. Now, what do you think would happen if she finds him? Will they be friends? Is it possible to be friendly with a demon's ch...

  • Caios Daserio (Seduction Series #1)
    35 7 21

    Seduction Series #1 Marga Michelle Muñoz loves Caios so much that she would do everything for Caios, but Caios loves someone else. Then, she got tired of that situation so she brought out the seductress in her and did her best to get this man's attention and love. ---------- Lethal_Demure

  • Amour (Under Major Editing)
    2.4K 299 45

    A 20 years old girl died and wakes up into someone's body and found herself loving him, his brother "I am her but I'm not her..." ----------- Written by: Lethal_Demure

    Completed   Mature