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    jaehyun + rosé in instagram format

  • no manners ; jenyong
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    in which, jennie got a little throwback on her toxic relationship with his ex boyfriend, taeyong when they both meet at the school reunion party. "we got a great relationship." "yeah, i remember cuddling with you but it tasted like drug. addicting and that's the problem." start: 8/11/2020 end: 17/1/2021

  • skin // nctzy soulmate
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    in which some people are able to communicate with their soulmates through writing on their skin. [a soulmate au.] [jeno x lia] [nctzy/dreamzy fic] [book 1 of the nctzy soulmate series]

  • the drive // l.ty x k. jn
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    knock knock get the door it's puberty a kim jennie x lee taeyong fanfic (and maybe some occasional jaerosé) drafted: 07.12.20 first chapter published: 07.17.20 last chapter published: - - - 🍭cowntains machuw cowntent uwu

  • 𝙣𝙤 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧
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    2 people think they no longer need each other. sequel to violeta.

  • 𝙫𝙞𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙖.
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    you're my violeta. TW! contains mentions of blood and su!cide, contains swearing!

  • drown. ┃ choeyang
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    ❝ you know that i know that you're not coming home. ❞ ✰ lowercase intended. ✰ contains swearing and underage drinking i guess? but no r-18 scenes, that's all. ✰ based from "drown" by cuco & clairo.

  • ulzzang girls & idols.
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    ┊͙˚₊ ༉‧₊˚ __ ★⋆͛ ₊

  • Drowning in Love [hajeongwoo]
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    Park Jeongwoo found Watanabe Haruto in between chaos and sadness; he became his air to learn how to breathe again. But Haruto found himself forever breathless.

  • lovestagram
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    stray kids and izone People meet through Instagram and start developing feelings for each other Warning: not all pictures are mine

  • What You Waiting For || Harukyu
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    "-It's nothing like that.-said Junkyu scratching his head. -Yeah, we just fell of the bed.-said Haru wanting to go out but the others were still questioning them. -Firstly why were you in Junkyu's bed and why are you guys in your boxers?-asked Jaehyuk. -Well I couldn't sleep so he came in and we talked and it was hot...

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    ❝ tears fall to the ground, you just let them drop ❞ Park Chaeyoung's life in the YG dungeon isn't what you expected it to be. [ BOOK 3 OF THE DOLLHOUSE SERIES. ] ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: 2017 RE-PUBLISHED: 2020

  • [Completed] My Only Sunshine (LOONA Choerry x Male reader)
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    This is a story about you falling in love with a girl that's always shine brightly through your darkness. You're always alone, but everything's change after she spoke to you on the first day she transfered to your school.