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  • The Highlander
    70.6K 3.1K 17

    A few knocks came upon Rosies door and the most melodic of voices followed. "Ti's most rude of ye' no tae open the door fer a wounded man lass" The man had seen her and had the audacity to tease her about her manners after coming upon her land unannounced but more importantly he seemed to know she was alone in the...

  • Saved by the Highlander (Macaulay Clan #1)
    149K 6.3K 16

    Book one in the Macaulay Clan series; A Scottish Highlander romance. Alistair Macaulay is the fierce, strong willed Laird of the Macaulay Clan. His whole life is dedicated to the survival of his clan in the harsh world of the Highlands. Under his reign they thrive, but even so, danger is always looming. A simple dist...