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  • Dangerous || TWICE
    63 11 1

    "She's not someone you should mess with for she's not just any person that you can easily play with." Kim Y/n.. Known as a calm and quiet girl. But behind that facade, is a demon that's too dangerous to mess with. Born from a wealthy family. Smart and secretive. What if one day... Some people suddenly entered her life...

  • Yanderes' Obsession || TWICE
    813 76 4

    I'm the Yanderes' Obsession. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? FEMALE READER || TWICE ( Rewritten )

  • EXTRAORDINARY || TWICE ( Rewritten )
    465 49 5

    Shin Y/n is the cold-hearted exord student. She overpowered everyone. She happens to win every duel, battle or war. But in the game called "love", will she still remain her victory? Female Reader || Twice

    260 33 4

    [ Rewritten ] First version is on my other account; @Lezahrzaid29. This is the second version and some scenes were changed.