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  • Rejected Stones
    52.4K 2.1K 73

    It was Mei Hatsume who told Izuku Midoriya that he could be a hero, with her help of course. Desperate to have someone believe in him, Izuku decides that to realize his dreams, he'll need to make himself into a hero with the help of this odd girl. Together, these people once rejected for not fitting the mold will find...

  • King of Fighting
    37.9K 837 28

    What if Midoriya was trained by someone else besides All Might. And what if that someone was so strong that they are considered a King of Fighting. Izuku X Harem. Stronger but not OP Izuku

  • The midoryaverse
    72.9K 641 17

    Everyone in my hero (except for Deku) watches differe versions of Deku.

  • Multiverses of Izuku Midoriya
    398K 3.1K 43

    After All Might defeated All for One, UA decided to have some rest including the pros and all of the students especially Classes 1-a and 1-b. When suddenly everyone was teleported to a cinema theater to watch the different versions of their precious cinnamon roll.

  • War hero
    10.7K 310 10

    This is the story of a true hero who fights an evil that the world dosent know about. The people believe that the heroes have everything under control but little do they know that a force of evil has been planning an invasion from underground.