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  • Love of our life
    248K 24.9K 97

    Hmm, so description about "Love of our life", it's a simple love story. But not just between the main lead but it's about a mother and daughter love, a father's affection, a brother's protectiveness, boyfriend's possessiveness with lots of love. It's about a girl who is lucky to have been loved by one and all. This...

  • A Twisted Tale Of Love [COMPLETED]
    214K 22.5K 36

    -COMPLETED- * "Fhat the wuck" Shivaay shouted. "What the hell" Anika shouted. "Anika and me?" Shivaay asked shocked. "Shivaay bhaiyya and me?" Anika asked shocked. "She's like my sister" "He's like my brother" * They had brotherly and sisterly feelings towards each other which was easily mis understood by their fam...

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  • Learning To Love - A Tale Of Arranged Marriage [COMPLETED] ✔️✔️
    174K 22.8K 46

    -COMPLETED- • The lovely cover by @Saaduuser_1991 ❤️ • Ignoring - That was all Shivaay did to his newly wedded wife. It was an arranged marriage of course and he ignored her like a plaque for three months straight until she lost her calm and bursted out her frustration on him. He realised that in larger context, she w...

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  • The Accidental Matchmaker
    227K 29.8K 66

    previously known as: The Taming of the (Male) Shrew. Anika Trivedi had a simple life plan: • graduate • get amazing work-experience • open her own event-management company • marry a nice boy Of course, the last point was added by her mommy dearest, word for word. So you see, nowhere in this plan did she include findin...

  • ❤Missed Me, Sweetheart?❤✔✔
    221K 23.6K 58

    This story is about Shivaay and Annika who got separated because of annika. When they meet after seven years, shivaay plans to take revenge from her. How will the love blossom again? Just peep into it to know... Credit for the extremely beautiful cover goes to my very own @SSO_8389 aka my tutu aka Mrs. VijayD (only in...

  • Caught And Bowled | Narbhi Fanfiction
    287K 33.4K 58

    Actress Surbhi Chandna and Cricketer Nakuul Mehta feel sparks on their very first meet. Will this attraction result in something more, and give us another actor-cricketer couple to drool over? A romantic story for all NaRbhi Shippers and Cricket Lovers. Cover credits- @ImLilMissComplicated

    427K 38.2K 73

    Shivaay, a playboy, who lives his life freely. Anika, a nerd, who wants to study to fulfill her mother's dream and prove herself to the world. What happens when they cross each others' way and fortunately becomes roomie? Peep into the story to know more.❤️ Highest rankings - #1- Narbhi (28.12.18) #1- Roomie (4.4.19...

  • #1: A Mismatched Affair- ShivIka
    28.4K 3.2K 13

    Annika and Shivaay are poles apart. Fate brings them together in the form of an arranged marriage and with the courtship, they embark on a journey of falling in love with their differences, their quirks and eventually, each other. Genre: Romance. Cover credits: BlackManiacx Copyright ©: The characters from this fan fi...

  • His Queen Of Hearts
    132K 15.4K 51

    Annika Advani tried and kept men away from her life for a promise that was made before she was born. Shivaay Singh Oberoi failed finding the right woman, and finally abides to the promise made before he was born. Will this marriage be worthwhile for all the years she had waited and endured? Will this marriage be his f...

  • Arrange to love
    157K 15.5K 62

    shivika story of arrange marriage to love marriage

    Completed   Mature