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  • Sherlock Imagines and Preferences
    870K 30.7K 193

    Hi, reader! In this book, you will find lots of imagines with the various characters from BBC Sherlock. Most imagines are Sherlock x Reader, but you will also find plenty other imagines with different characters from the show. There are also a few chapters in this book without the Reader character in it, but most will...

  • BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2)
    645K 23.9K 100

    The hiatus is still killing me and I'm still writing. #SHERPRESSION (Requests are always open for any characters)

  • Teen Wolf Imagines and Preferences
    835K 20.9K 131

    A bunch of teen wolf imagines to full your inner most desires of all the cute, romantic stuff you can do with the boys Stiles Liam Scott Jackson Issac Derek Brett

  • Teen Wolf Imagines #Wattys2017
    260K 2.8K 110

    Just some teen wolf Fanfics I find online. So if you see your imagine don't get upset and start telling people to block me or whatever just let me know and I will give the credit you deserve.

  • TEEN WOLF IMAGINES (Completed)
    30.9K 456 115

    Teen Wolf characters; Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Void Stiles, Liam Dunbar, Derek Hale, Jordan Parrish, Isaac Lahey, Brett Talbot, Jackson Whittemore, Theo Raeken and Aiden. Featuring Phoebe Tonkin as Tal Hale. Send me your requests, your fantasies and I'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teen Wolf imagines/preferences
    289K 9K 199

    Exactly what it says on the tin... Anyway. Hey there*waves* hows you doin? So basically I write imagines and preferences of the Teen Wolf variety;) *Requests are closed famalam* :-( So, have fun reading my book, enter at your own will, and I apologise now for my shit writing-_- *crowd shouts* booooo OH! And if you s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teen Wolf Imagines\preferences
    234K 4.8K 178

    I write about the following: •Scott •Stiles •Derek •Isaac •Liam •Brett •Parrish •Jackson •Theo •Peter •Aiden I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR THE SHOW! SOME OF THE PLOTS ARE BASED OFF OF THE SHOW AND SOME I HAVE CREATED!!

  • Teen Wolf imagines and preferences
    1.2M 25.8K 168

    REQUESTS ARE CLOSED *VERY SLOW UPDATES* • I write about: Stiles Stilinski Liam Dunbar Scott McCall Derek Hale Isaac Lahey Jackson Whittemore Theo Raeken Aiden Steiner Jordan Parrish Vernon Boyd Brett Talbot Mason Hewitt Corey Bryant Garrett Josh (Recently Requested⬇️) Nolan Gabe Edgar Peter Hale Young Derek Hale Youn...

  • Teen Wolf Imagines and Preferences
    651K 14.3K 118

    Just another book full of imagines and preferences... I got •Scott •Stiles •Derek •Liam •Isaac •Aiden •Jordan •Brett •Peter If you have requests simply leave it in the comments or send it to me. You will need the following: -Guy or guys (for preferences requests as well.) -Clean or Smut -Storyline

  • Teen wolf imagines
    210K 2.4K 87

    Teen wolf imagines stay tuned for ur favorite character

  • Teen Wolf Imagines
    789K 11.8K 91

    *Smut/Sexual Content/Mature/18+ ----- To request an imagine, just read the first paragraph of the Prompt list. Requests are always open for whatever unless stated otherwise. #273 under fanfiction All characters besides my own belong to Jeff Davis. No copyright intended.

  • Teen Wolf Imagines ➵
    869K 19.5K 110

    a collection of teen wolf imagines all written by me.

    1M 18.8K 135

    not all are mine :) UPDATE 15 OCT 2017: I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 11/12 DONT ROAST ME IM STILL DUMB I GET IT AND THIS WHOLE THING IS UNEDITED - highest rank: #1 in teenwolfpreferences 12 july 2018 #2 in gifseries 16 may 2018 copyright || chrissy

  • Avengers Preferences/Imagines [REQUESTS CLOSED]
    915K 18.4K 124

    A bunch of preferences for the Avengers, Bucky, Sam and Loki. All rights reserved by Marvel ------- Due to this book being completed I'm no longer taking requests, sorry!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel Preferences and Imagines [completed]
    1.7M 28.9K 202

    Title explains all. Imagines are closed. Thank you all for reading/voting/commenting throughout the years! Prepare for cringy stuff I wrote this five years ago!

  • Loki X Reader
    1.9M 63.4K 109

    This is my Loki X Reader Series, this is my one series that I am know for and a lot of people seem to like it. So I hope that people on WattPad like it as well. Update: (April 2019) Never did I ever expect this series to blow up like it has, you have no idea how thankful I am for all of you. I'd also like to let you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Imagines : LOKI #Wattys2015
    1M 24.1K 95

    Imagine ... if you were to meet Loki. Put yourself in the story in my short imagines with the God of Mischief (Warning!: Contains Happy/Sad stories, so prepare for the feels!)

  • Imagine Loki
    609K 17.9K 154

    Ah yes, the wonderful villain from the Marvel franchise: Loki. Admit it, when you encountered him, Marvel made you question your morals. But who cares! Since 2015 I've been here to write scenarios involving you, the wonderful reader, and Loki, and I have no plans of stopping just yet! I occasionally do Tom Hiddleston...

  • Tom Hiddleston One Shots/Imagines
    567K 11.9K 55

    A selection of one shots or imagines I'd just thought I'd write down about the one, and only Tom Hiddleston and yourself. Numbers are meddled due to unpublished chapters. Enjoy!

  • Imagine the Avengers
    776K 20.1K 127

    Shall also be including the beautiful Loki, Bucky and the actors who play them.

  • Tom Hiddleston and Loki Imagines - Bk. 1
    1.9M 67.2K 114

    Highest Rankings: 1st in Tom Hiddleston Imagines, 3rd in Loki Imagines, 8th in Loki, 130th in Marvel || Just a writing outlet for one of my favorite actors and characters of all time. I do not own Tom, Loki, or any other fictional characters mentioned, referenced, or used in this book. All copyrights goes to the resp...

  • Avengers Preferences and Imagines! (Book One) | EDITS COMPLETE | REQUESTS CLOSED
    2.8M 33.7K 78

    Features: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, Loki Odinson, Pietro Maximoff, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, T'Challa Udaku, Scott Lang, Vision. Thanks to @Marve-llous for creating my cover! CREDIT TO ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE IMAGE ON MY COVER. ALL CHARACTER CREDIT GOES TO...

  • That-Sokovian-Bastard // AVENGERS IMAGINES
    1.1M 28.6K 183

    Imagines all done by me, posted on my Tumblr, @that-sokovian-bastard Most of my stories use gender neutral pronouns so anyone can read! It should be stated if I will use different pronouns, but almost all of the stories keep it neutral! I do not write smut. Copyright 2016, That-Sokovian-Bastard THERE IS A SECOND IMAG...

  • Avengers Imagines
    3M 84.9K 150

    Just a collection of little random stories I happen to think about, majority reader inserts. - Part 2 is up!

  • Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-
    5.3M 101K 101

    Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. A lot of things are happening in Beacon Hills and the trio will discover so many mysteries... Season 2: A lot of things happened the last few months with Emily, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Derek, Jackson and Lydia. Emily doesn't yet what's going on with her...

  • Matched for Life
    4M 17.5K 9

    Book 1 in the Matched for Life Series In the year 4028, the person you spent your life with was born especially for you. It wasn't by fate or a higher being. No by the year 3073 our genetic bindings were developed in a lab for one purpose and one purpose only... A perfect breeding match. Chrissy Smith enjoy...

  • Supernatural Imagines
    617K 17.6K 200

    ✨REQUEST CLOSED! If you would like one you can directly message me or leave a comment who you would like, happy or sad, and or a little story plot. I hope you enjoy reading them!These are ✨Imagines for all of your favorite supernatural characters. Main imagines will be about: •Dean •Castiel •Sam ~Slowly adding in Cr...

  • Supernatural Imagines
    1.8M 45.3K 279

    (completed) just some random supernatural imagines and preferences that I decided to write. (the first few imagines are really crappy but I swear they get better) {characters are not mine}

  • Supernatural Imagines
    2.7M 65.5K 115

    Just some Supernatural imagines. I do not own anything! They get better as you read I promise! Please feel free to comment and share and like and enjoy to your hearts content! I don't post very much anymore, my life has taken a different turn, but I do hope to try again soon! (UPDATED 11/24/20)

  • Teen Wolf Imagines
    293K 5.6K 96

    ~ Imagines ~ Preferences ~ Smut ~ When ~ One Shots ~ Dylan'O'Brien ~ Stiles Stilinksi ~ Tyler Posey ~ Scott McCall ~ Tyler Hoechlin ~ Derek Hale ~ Daniel Sharman ~ Isaac Layhey ~ Dylan Sprayberry ~ Liam Dunbar ~ Cody Christian ~ Theo Rakin Requests are welcome :) All published pieces are written by me