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  • Revolutions
    1.8K 12 37

    Meet Sam and John. Two people in a big city with very different lives. Fate can happen. They were both Starting Over. 'What if John survived?' Would he change anything, alter his lifestyle, love differently? **Revolutions is a work of fiction. As such, it should not be read as a factual ac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cloud of Light (Beatles Fanfiction)
    5.6K 271 24

    Twenty-one year old Audrey finds herself back in a life she had fought hard to get away from. Having gotten involved with the wrong crowd years before, her past threatens not only to deny her the freedom she thought she had earned, but pressures her to get back in the business to take down none other than a Beatle.

  • Things We Said Today
    2.7K 133 10

    Things We Said Today is a simple little story dealing with the adventures the Beatles encountered before hitting it big and some of their misfortunes as well. This story takes place in Liverpool around 1959 after our main character Katia, also known as Kat, moves to Liverpool after her dad gets transferred due to his...

  • Pieces of Dreams (sequel to TWST)
    3.6K 221 19

    Pieces of Dreams is the sequel to my first story, "Things We Said Today". If you haven't read this yet, I recommend you do in order to understand the story line. For those of you who have read it, get ready to follow Katia on her new adventure with the Beatles now that they have hit it big in the States. Will their...

  • One More Day of Life
    528 31 3

    Seventeen year old Gali has seen some rough times in the last few months and it seems that as each day passes, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Will this downward spiral ever stop? Can a chance meeting with John Lennon be what helps Gali find her way back to happiness? And how will this meeting change John’s o...

  • The Last Goodbye (Beatles Fan Fiction)
    628 26 2

    A short story about one last encounter between friends who never got to say goodbye...sadly it came during another final goodbye.

  • Like Real People Do (j.l)
    2.3K 178 12

    Diane had nothing but her best friend Phil and her son Noah. John had only his music to keep him going. Who would've thought that a gas station would change all of that.

  • macca imagines》paul mccartney
    171K 4.8K 149

    ENJOY YOUR PAULGASM! ©prxpinquity [2014]

    Completed   Mature
  • Tired Of Midnight Blue
    4K 207 14

    George Harrison has completely forgotten what life was about until he met 22 year old Camila. Both incredibly attracted to each other forget about age and what brought them together, Georges son Dhani. Can George keep going with a girl twenty years younger and worst of all knowing how his son feels about her also? Wha...

  • When I Fell In Love With George (beatles fanfic-george)
    9.3K 349 13

    BOOK 1********* this is completed so no waiting for updates. 1957-58-When Marley moves to Liverpool from America, she isn't excepted, except for by young George Harrison. Marley gets lost in her music because of the way she is treated and George is the only one able to pull her out...

  • The Little Twister Girl (A Beatles Fanfiction)
    36.5K 1.4K 57

    Carol is just a girl who's nothing more than a stay at home worker. But what happens when a childhood friend wishes to meet her once again and tells her something not even her dreams would allow her to imagine?