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  • 1 | MESSAGE SENT ( rucas )
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    ❛and now you're in my heart forever❜ [RUCAS SOCIAL MEDIA AU] [PART ONE IN THE ❛MESSAGES❜ TRILOGY] © kate [2016 - 2017]

  • this sick game ● rucas
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    riley matthews, the girl who is tired of playing lucas friar's sick game.

  • Game On, Pretty Boy. ♕ RUCAS
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    One girl. One boy. Riley Matthews. Lucas Friar. One bet. One story. - "She is the most innocent girl in this school. She hasn't been together with one guy," he said raising his eyebrow. "And you think that you can make her fall for you?" I snorted. "Yeah. I have girls all over me, all the time, and I don't even try...

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    CURRENTLY EDITING/ REWRITING (No major changes will be made to the story- just grammar/ spelling etc...) ~~~~~~~~ Highschool sweethearts are made to break up... Kind of like how promises are made to be broken. Riley Matthews believes in true love. Finding your other half, the one who completes you. Lucas first on...

  • Beneath The Mask Is His Queen
    19.5K 714 6

    “ you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer. ” King Lucas needs to find the next queen of Quincy kingdom. But he does not know anyone that would be qualified enough to take the role as his queen. So, King Lucas hosts a ball, in search for the next queen. At his ball, he dances with several maidens, all beauti...

  • little red riley hood • liley
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  • Rucas - One Shots
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    [2016 GMW Summer Award Winner] A book that will fulfill all of your Rucas needs.

  • Sexual Desires
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    Giving myself to you sexual content

  • Mr. Perfect Stole My Diary || Rucas
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    Riley always wrote in her diary, it was a special gift given to her from her father. But what happens when one night, she looks under her not-so-secret hiding spot, and reveals that her diary is missing. Then the next day, the new school's bad boy is caught reading it right in front of her. What will she do? Get reven...

  • huntress ➶ r.m // [rucas] ; ON HOLD;
    3.8K 201 2

    girls who run with w o l v e s aren't here for boys to l o v e. Riley Matthews, Huntress. Ready to kill. » r u c a s [ inspired by Allison Argent ]

  • pain ☹☻ {r.m + l.f}
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    You're in love with him and he's in love with you. And it's like a goddamn tragedy because you look at him and see the stars and he looks at you and sees the sun, and you both think the other is looking at the ground. ❝why do you keep shutting me out? I'm trying to help you!❞ ❝because I'm still in love with you! Can't...

  • rucas | au's + one shots
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    moments every rucas shipper wants to remember forever. © rucasquad 2016-2017

  • Unexpected
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    Riley Matthews becomes pregnant her senior year of high school. A baby can change your future for the best. How will Riley and Lucas cope with being teenage parents?

  • HYPNOTIC ✗ rucas
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    [ 2016 GMW Choice Award Winner ] [ 2017 GMAWARDS Winner ] ❝I l o v e d her not for the way she d a n c e d with my angels, but for the way the s o u n d of her name could silence my d e m o n s.❞ [Highest Rank #51 in Romance] [BOOK ONE] 2015 | © meg

  • supernaturals ➴ gmw + teen wolf
    9.9K 463 7

    She couldn't believe what was happening. Her whole life was a lie. How could she trust anyone? She couldn't. // ❝Why did you do that?❞ ❝because I love you.❞ // » rucas » [ inspired by TW & tiniest hints of TVD ]

  • The girl of his dreams. |Rucas/Lucas/Riley.
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    What happens when the guy that's broken more hearts then he can count, gets hit by a speeding car and he falls into a coma. What if he thinks he's woken up and finally met the girl of his dreams? Will he be crushed when he realizes that he's been dreaming all this time? Will he get his dream girl or will he ever wake...

  • 50 Shades Of Rucas
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    *:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚ Yes, kinda like our rucas oneshots and au's - but more extreme. { group of oneshots that can change you } *:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚

  • Home (Sequel to Bring Him Back) (a Rucas fanfiction)
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    A sequel to the book "Bring Him Back" *********** A few months later and everyone has settled in, especially Lucas who is finally back in school with him and Riley's relationship stronger than ever and a place he can call home. Although things have begun to calm down for the two and their friends, members of the publi...

  • PAYBACK 101
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    "he's the hot bad boy, i'm the best friend's girlfriend. and what a turn of events that would lead me to end up dating him." ➣ riley matthews and charlie gardner. lakeview high school's cutest couple. lucas friar, a southern drawl and leather jacket could only mean he's the resident bad boy. when charlie cheats on r...

  • Enigmatic
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    riley matthews is the daughter of billionaires cory and topanga matthews. when she attends an auction that is being used to raise money for a fundraiser, she meets a boy. sure, she's attracted to him. but she wasn't interested. soon however, one thing lead to another, her interest in the boy changes. and she begins...