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  • Warriors: Uprising (Book 1)
    2.9K 131 40

    By the ocean lives two different clans: Vertexclan: A clan full of pride and strength. Driftclan: A clan with swiftness and agility. One kit from each clan is important to a prophecy that Starclan won't speak of. Join Blizzardkit and Shredkit as they are born into different clans and raised with the unknown prophecy...

  • Warriors: Retribution (Book 2)
    1.2K 45 40

    (Book #2 of the Uprising series.) (If you haven't read Warriors: Uprising first, I highly suggest you do that!) - It's been two moons since Shredflash had killed three cats and ran away from his clan. Cats in Starclan are bewildered that the prophecy that was hidden, then revealed soon after, was wrong. Both Driftcla...

  • Warriors: Downfall (Book 3)
    935 69 45

    (Book #3 of the Uprising Series.) (If you haven't read Warriors: Retribution first, I highly suggest you do that!) - After moons and moons of no prophecy; another has now come into play. Shredflash is out there somewhere and now wants revenge on the clans for ruining his life. He will do anything he can to make sure...

  • Warriors: Wounded Pride (Book 4)
    693 61 40

    (Book #4 of the Uprising Series.) (If you haven't read Warriors: Downfall first, I highly suggest you do that!) - Are the prophecies from Starclan even valid anymore? Shadowblossom doesn't think so. Starclan claims that this "Final Prophecy" will stop Shredflash once and for all. Shredflash continues his goal on riddi...

  • The Legend Of Floodclan
    14 3 2

    Gentle Lake is the leader of Floodclan, a clan that lives on the warm sands of the Ocean Side. He worries for his clan after Starclan tells him danger is coming. Gentle Lake warns his clan to be careful and that they should find another place to live. Will his clan survive? Or will it fall to the danger that approache...

  • Warriors: Broken Heart
    87 10 13

    (Cover drawn by @lawbothq on Twitter! Go check her out!) Galaxyclan lives in an old playground in the forest. Nova gets birthed into this clan and raised to become a medicine cat. Dangers lurk in the shadows of Galaxyclan. Join Nova and her clan as danger rises in Warriors: Broken Heart - This isn't canon to anything...