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  • For the Broken Prostitute
    11.9K 1K 25

    ❝I can't do this anymore❞ she whispered to herself in frustration. Yet, I frowned to what exactly she was talking about. ❝The sexual tension is too fucking much.❞ and before I could protest, her beautiful pink plump lips had set on my virgin ones. Prostitute. In particular, a women, is a person who engages in sexual a...

  • Going 78 Miles Per Hour | ✓
    193K 12.1K 75

    Dahlia Gray has the opportunity to leave. In a home that leaves her mentally exhausted at every small occurrences, she manage to snag a once-in-a-lifetime internship that could potentially fund her escape. It meets all her needs: housing, a full-ride scholarship, and if she sticks around long enough-a paid six-figure...

  • The Darkside
    10.3K 838 10

    "I'm drowning, Sage. I'm at a place where no one can save me" "Let me in, Summer. My existence is tied with you" A story in which he'll do anything to save her. ------ Check out the introduction for the extended summary. x Cover: @sea_erra

  • Staying Up Past 5 AM
    1.2K 73 1

    Aysa Kamali & Presley Young | Coming Soon cover by @Wintersise

  • The Fine Line || ON HOLD
    10.2K 553 11

    "If you want the secret to life, just tell the girl that you love her." Tyler and Allie hate each other but need to get along in order to get home after a snow storm shuts all the airports in the state. On the drive home they discover that it's a fine line between love and hate. Cover by @oliviamckenny

  • Loving Ryder (re-writing)
    414K 7.5K 43

    BEING RE-WRITTEN Ryder Williamson. Attractive, Charming and your stereotypical 'bad boy' of Mainland High-school. He's the Quarterback, and the most popular boy at school. Every girl dreams for him to be theirs. Focused on Football he doesn't think anything of these girls that kiss his feet. Until he meets the new gir...

  • Rebound
    119K 5.3K 17

    Amelia Heidari knows her last two years at the University of Toronto matter more than anything shes done before. Her goals for the year include: raising her 3.8 GPA, securing a med-related internship, making her Middle Eastern parents proud, and becoming financially independent so that she doesn't feel indebted to her...

  • Her Damon | 4 |
    452K 16.1K 68

    After Rose and Kendyn, Wolf and Freyah, it's finally time for Damon. The Mortimer is back in business and the eldest of the gang has found himself in a delicate situation... Emrys Belle, a single mother, a doctor, soon to be a heart surgeon, finds herself saving the life of one of the most powerful gang leaders of t...

  • Beyond The Glass
    19.6K 814 9

    When highschool sweethearts Elle and Brady meet ten years later on a train ride to Seattle , will they get off together or go their separate ways? Copyright © imaanwrites_ 2020

  • Social Casualty
    193K 7.1K 43

    UNEDITED Alexandra Black has had everything she's ever wanted all her life. New clothes, shoes, cars, you name it. But what will happen when something she doesn't want, gets handed to her? Feelings for a certain Sebastian Kingsley. Sebastian Kingsley is the definition of bad boy. He's got the look, the style, the mo...

  • 2.1 | Across the Way
    30.6K 1.2K 5

    Being the proud owner of Elles bakery, Evangeline Cahill puts all her priority into working so that she is able to stay and live in New York City. All the while across from her own apartment is New York cop, Elijah Benson. He's blatantly honest and is much like Evangeline when it comes to lacking friends. So when he...

  • Ariel and the Bandits
    380K 4.6K 11

    When Boston's beloved quarterback Oliver Park gets his heartbroken a three weeks after losing the AFC Championship, he feels like the new year is off to a rough start. However, things begin to take a turn after Oliver visits his sister during a closing shift at the Boston University library and he meets Ariel-- a g...