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  • Deeper
    13.8M 464K 73

    In which I fall in love with my brother's best friend, the bad boy Vaughn Cooper -- but that doesn't make him less than a college heartthrob whom every girl on campus is drooling over. I thought that my brother was the hottest guy in school, but as soon as I step into my university life, I realize how wrong I was. Me...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~𝐌𝐲 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐟𝐟
    8.7K 2.4K 30

    ∎↠Food∎↠Art ∎↠Henna ∎↠Me∎↠ Sketches∎↠Baked Goods∎↠Photography∎↠Drawing∎↠ Painting∎↠ Face Reveal∎↭and more... So uhm *clears throat* this book was not at all planned...I just started it cuz I was bored...I didn't expect it to grow as much as it has until today I'm rEalLY proud ❁'◡'❁ Cover by my princess @rosydvn♥

  • After
    677M 10.6M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Hardin, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • MR. ZAYN
    261K 8.6K 56

    An evil smirk appeared on his lips as he walked closer and closer. "You can't escape from me baby girl." My heart was racing. I was gasping for air. "Don't test me baby girl or things will get worse." His grip on my neck got tighter. The darkness surrounded me slowly. "N... n... no"

  • Possessive At First Sight EBS 1 (Unedited)
    7.9M 187K 35

    Previously entitled, My Overly Possessive Billionaire. "Fine!" I acquiescently cave in. "He better keeps his eyes off of you, or I'll poke his eyeballs out of its socket!" I grumbled exasperatedly. She just shook her head again in disbelief. It seems like it's becoming her habit soon. After a few...

  • Her Bad Boy One and Only
    17.2K 518 14

    I feel the ground moving underneath me and I smell a boyish scent, a mixture of mint and cinnamon. I feel very warm and I've come to the conclusion in my sleepy state that I'm in someone's arms, but who? I open one eye and look up, I was way closer then I expected. I see every detail of Riley's face, his blue eyes cov...

  • The Demon's Soul [Sample]
    9.9M 171K 15

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...

  • Clashing Hearts
    4.4M 237K 29

    Carter and Athena are mortal enemies. From the first moment their eyes met, they disliked each other immensely. It was HATE AT FIRST SIGHT. They could not stand the mere sight of each other, even being in the same room, the tension was overwhelming, like a grenade of smoke suffocating them. But what is the core of th...

  • ✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain America]
    243K 9.9K 14

    *** Wattpad Featured Story: March 28, 2016 *** Liz Dolan has put her life on hold for many reasons. Good ones, too (or so she keeps telling herself). Steve Rogers is trying to stumble forward with his in a world that seems almost alien. When Steve moves into the Washington, D.C. apartment building owned by the Dolan f...

  • The Boy who Broke the Rules
    9.4M 469K 25

    Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her. Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she...

  • Anti-Bullying
    5.1K 329 9

    PLZ Read This Book And Help STOP BULLYING TODAY!

    28.2K 830 28

    Riley is 20 years old and heading to her new life in Boston. Recently transferring to Boston University, she decided to leave her old life in Wisconsin behind her. Burying her secrets deep under her skin, she wants to start clean. Until she meets Harry and realizes there's no such thing as starting over in this world.

  • At Last (A Runaway Short Story)
    295K 12.9K 13

    A short story based off of the hit fanfic, Runaway (A Zayn Malik Fanfiction). ATTENTION: If you haven't read Runaway, I suggest you do not read this short story. It is based off the book and everything that happens after it is over and it is not meant for readers who are reading this first. So just make sure you read...

  • Love & Second Chances
    48.5K 1.7K 29

    Life has never been easy for Elizabeth Stanford. Mistreated by her over-controlling mother, she craves nothing but happiness. When her childhood sweetheart, Garrett Blackbourne, suddenly returns after a mysterious departure years ago, she believes that she might have found her happily ever after. Sadly, life takes an...

  • Song Lyrics
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    A place to basically get the lyrics to some of the best songs ever