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  • Happy pill
    20K 1.3K 45

    Chester is depressed and self-harming teenager, who got bad cards in life. He gets bullied in school and abused by his father. He's lost and alone, but what happens when his crush finds him from that dark corner? [Warning: very depressive, drugs, violence, self-harm, slash] Bennoda fanfiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • CC032076B
    86 9 4

    Michael Shinoda was a normal twenty three year who just moved to a new apartment with his four best friends, and then he met a stranger in a gas station who changed his life forever. CC032076B, the world's first and only human artificial intelligence system, has ran away from home for a specific reason he does not re...

  • easier to run • bennoda
    7.2K 590 23

    Chester's life was never easy. He was abused as a child and thrown out of his house by his own mother and that led him to a dark path. When he enters a band, he tries to hide his past from his bandmates and cope with his issues alone. Will he accept his bandmates' help? Or will he drown in his own darkness? [Warning...

  • Purified - Bennoda
    2.8K 176 16

    Chester is clearly reliving his past through his nightmares, but is unwilling to open up to the rest of the band. Uncomfortable and confused, he's unaware of the hurt he's bringing to himself. His heart and soul feels lost, it's up to someone to bring him back to Earth. BENNODA. Contains sensitive topics.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Lust
    3K 217 13

    Disclaimer: Dark Lust is not a fanfiction for everyone. It includes very graphic material that is not for anyone who cannot stand sexual, physical, verbal abuse or horror-like scenarios. Author's Note: This fiction was originally stopped after chapter eight but is now being continued. If you do not wish to spoil the s...

  • Titanic|| Bennoda
    761 129 22

    19 year old Michael Kenji Shinoda is a upper class young man who is set out to be married. Chester Charles Bennington is a 20 year old artist and musician looking for his destiny. What will happen when the 2 meet on the famous ship, the Titanic?

  • Beauty And The Beast (Bennoda)
    11.3K 895 58

    Chester Bennington is 17 year old boy who was put into a mental hospital at the age of 8 for having "strange" behaviors, such as he's mute, afraid of everything, etc. Since he's so quiet and he's different from the rest not a lot of the doctors like him, they hurt him and yell at him. It happens for a while until a in...

  • Painter's boyfriend
    484 25 1

    Slashy bennoda oneshot. Wanna know what happens? Read it. [sexual content]

    Completed   Mature
  • Lift Me Up (Bennoda)
    35 4 1

    Chester is the kid nobody wants to be. Mike is the kid that everyone wants to be. Every single day Chester gets beat up by him and his friends... until Mike stands up for him.

  • Final Masquerade
    133 30 7

    The world is changing around Mike Shinoda, and he can't get past the feeling he's been left behind. Despite everything, he still carefully tends the spark of hope that someday, he'll meet his match. Bennoda. AU.

  • Break Free
    15.4K 1.2K 43

    Mike Shinoda is an ordinary boy with extraordinary talent. He's a great musician and has a bright future in the artistic field. He and his friends, Phoenix, Brad, Rob, and Joe, decide to create a band and hope to make it big. They plan to have their first gig at Brad's final senior party of the year but their plans ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving Chester Bennington
    56.4K 2.4K 42

    Chester Bennington has always been made fun of at school. And things just got worse when he moved to a new high school and met up with the infamous Mike Shinoda who everyone loves. His life turned into a living hell. He can't escape the pain he goes through by himself, but maybe there's someone who does care about him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackbirds
    9.7K 711 22

    ​Mike Shinoda is a college baseball player and his coach says that he's the best thing that's ever happened to the team. He's the best there will ever be. But when something goes terribly wrong, how will he cope? Will he ever live up to his reputation?

    Completed   Mature
  • Son of a drug addict
    12.9K 1K 38

    Mike is used to the shitty life with his hardcore drug addict dad, bullied little brother Jason and his very own addictions. Everything seems to get fucked, when memories and troubles come back from the past. Needing to live inside the chaos, nothing seems clear. Until Chester moves from Arizona to the same street as...

    Completed   Mature
  • After the drugs (Sequel for Son of a drug addict)
    3K 248 13

    Mike Shinoda is 18 year old young man who struggles not to live in a chaos. After his younger brother passed away, his life has been a mess. Diego is a depressed drunk, and Chester wants to have a break. After finishing high school, Mike doesn't wanna go to college and without his little brother his life doesn't seem...

  • A Thought You Can't Shake (Bennoda)
    464 39 3

    Mental illness, drugs, alcohol, music, and a whole lot of confusion is what Chester Benningtons life has become. But one guy who works at a tattoo place seems to help.

  • Blue & Red (Bennoda) 💙❤️
    194 18 5

    In the not too distance future, an android named Chester resides with Mike Shinoda-a paralyzed artist who he cares for. They developed a bond and a friendship in a society where humans interacting with androids is frowned upon...eventually their feelings towards one another goes beyond friendship and see no differenc...

  • Locker 30 ~Bennoda
    276 22 6

    Hi everyone! So this is a rewrite of my original story, "Until I met you" which is a bennoda :) I decided to rewrite this because reading back on it, it was honestly terrible so, here it is rewritten! Chester Bennington was far from ordinary. He lived a very complicated life at times, he has been to several highschool...

  • Torment
    3.2K 233 10

    Chester is admitted into a mental facility to keep him away from having suicidal tendencies. He has the ability to get rehabilitated, but chooses to stay in the facility in order to stay away from 'him', the reason why he wanted to die in the first place. Through being harassed by a hateful nurse, staying away from th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Best of Times
    22.1K 1.7K 41

    Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are Internet friends. They've never met each other but are certain the other is the best friend they'll ever have.

    Completed   Mature
  • When They Come For Me I'll Be Gone
    1.7K 113 26

    First time writing a fanfiction even though I've been writing lyrics, poetry, blogs, articles and stories for many years. After spending the past year reading all types of fanfics including Linkin Park stories, I decided to put my skills to the test. I admit to being a Bennoda fan first and foremost be it platonicall...

  • The Way I Wish It Happened
    43.7K 1.8K 78

    Bennoda fanfiction. Chester has chronic nightmares, which seem to bother everyone but Mike. The two bond even further. The past rears its ugly head. Drama occurs. Romance blooms.

  • No Roads Left
    7.1K 510 41

    [Part Two of Minutes To Midnight Trilogy] The tour continues. Mike and Chester are happy together. They love each other and nothing can change the way they feel. However, when someone from Chester's past unexpectedly appears and decides to shatter their peaceful life, it's up to Mike to hold it together and repair wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wait for me to change (Linkin Park BxB fanfiction)
    2.8K 90 8

    He made few mistakes in life, that's true... But that doesn't mean he doesn't feel the guilt scratching on his skin. Or that I will stay here without forgiving him my whole life... I will watch his life stumble across mine again. And he will change. I will, too. And I will wait for these magical moments to be real.

  • Deadpan - Bennoda
    4.6K 394 21

    Chester has his heart broken by someone he thought was perfect for him. On the eve of his breakup, he receives word of a band in California that wishes to hear more from him, and is ultimately accepted into the band with little to no hesitation. He didn't think his heartbreaker would eventually come back, especially w...

  • nancy boy • bennoda
    5.7K 578 31

    At a party, Mike meets Chester, a completely hopeless junkie who leads a very unhealthy lifestyle, however, maybe the blonde was what was missing in the half Asian's life.

  • Wrecked ( Bennoda)
    493 34 5

    Chester Bennington loses his memory in the aftermath of a car wreck that tragically killed his wife. Will Mike Shinoda, who has always been infatuated with Bennington, take this chance to see if Bennington will love him for more than just a bandmate? Chester doesn't have kids in this... Sorry if this triggers you bec...

  • Hot for Teacher ((BENNODA))
    603 35 3

    Bennoda, slash, AU, pwp. "And what are you going to do to me, Mr. Shinoda?" Chester feigned innocence, batting his dark eyes behind his thick frames. It was his substitute teacher's turn to smirk now, his dark eyes were filled of lust as he dipped his head down low, until he was eye level with his student. He tenderly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Before you were mine - Bennoda
    2K 131 18

    ||Prequel to You are Mine|| An abusive dad and brother, and a mother that abandoned you, drugs, bullying, self harm, getting beaten, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and painful memories... welcome to the broken life of Chester Bennington. Everyday is full of pain, fear and sadness, until someone helps him, not...

  • Broken
    29.4K 1.4K 23

    Linkin Park is back on tour and Chester isn't feeling himself. His emotions are twisted up and he might be getting himself into some trouble. Can the other guys find out before he makes a huge mistake? (Caution: May contain drug usage, self harm, and fowl language)[Possible future Bennoda] [Currently being fixed]