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  • The Silly Girl (A 1D FanFic) [COMPLETED]
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    Excerpt From Chapter 8: "I swear, she's such a pain in the ass," says Harry. That's when I had it. "You know what? You boys don't understand anything! You've never been through anything hard! You guys don't realize life isn't always tickles and butterflies! Try growing up in an orphanage, being adopted for the sixth t...

  • Secret Little Tommo // One Direction
    46.4K 994 33

    "Love is confusing. But, once you know how to control it, it can change a life," I whispered, beaming at my brother that I loved far too much. -- Lillian - Lilly - Tomson, is a regular girl. She goes to school, lives a happy life, and better yet, it's her 12th birthday today. Everything will be perfect. Wel...

  • Changed (One Direction)
    90.1K 984 30

    ''Screw you!!'' ''You're my sister, am I not screwed enough?'' Ann is Harry Styles's younger sister and as you can see they don't get along much. After Harry's audition for the X Factor things got even worse. Months after he and the boys got world famous, Harry decides to come back home for a little while. Despite all...

  • One Direction Adopted Me
    248K 6.8K 31

    Gabrielle Is a 13 year old who has been abused her whole life. She's a tomboy yet she's girly as well. beauty doesn't mean anything to her. She doesn't trust anyone but what happens when 5 boy adopt her and she immediately trusts them. She feels safe and secure with them. Will their journey together tear them apart or...

  • Angel's in Hell
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    One boy band, One direction. One girl band Electrik Red. All known for being the sweetest people on earth. But are they? What happens when both lead singers fall in love? Find out in later chapters of Angel's in Hell. Love, M