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  • Shades of Silver and Black
    711K 30.2K 103

    What would happen if there was a slight change in the family tapestry of The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black? Specifically, four years before the birth of a certain Sirius Orion Black III, a little baby girl was welcomed into the world. She was the epitome of all things Black. She was talented and powerful; whic...

  • Love, Somebody ~ Marauder's Era AU
    141K 7.7K 36

    Maeve Macmillan liked to write. It didn't matter if it was writing her thoughts in her diary, short stories in a journal, articles for newspapers, essays for homework, letters to her parents, simple reminders on her hand, quotes on parchment to stick on the walls of her room or even the small notes that she would wr...

  • Love, Everybody ~ Marauder's Era AU II
    5.3K 412 6

    Maeve Macmillan still loves to write. This time around, she's evolved from writing notes and short stories to articles and eulogies. Darkness has seeped in like a heavy shroud. War, death and decay have become as common as brown eyes. But it is more than ever that sprinkles of love and confetti of kindness are require...

  • Accidentally on Purpose ~ Regulus Black AU
    21.1K 1K 13

    ❝In which the girl who feels too much gets close to the boy who wants to feel nothing.❞ ━━If one would ask Regulus Black to give his opinion on Alera Abbot, he would unhesitatingly tell you that she was a walking hazard to society. But in his defence, she had accidentally almost killed/harmed him one too many times to...

  • Road to Runes ~ James Potter AU
    1.2K 117 2

    ❝In which Ananya Rajesh is adamant that the love of her life is runes, not James Potter.❞ ━━The definition of a fact is something that is true or has been proven correct. Examples of facts are that the earth is an ellipsoid, sleep is important, and Ananya Rajesh loves runes. With her lifelong ambition being to create...

  • The Art of Hunting Horcruxes ~ Regulus Black AU
    269K 9.1K 25

    When Regulus Black had walked into the cave with the intention of destroying Salazar Slytherin's's locket, he had known that he was going to die. In fact, he had been prepared to do so. Which was why he had been surprised when he was pulled out of the water and saved by a beautiful girl. His brother's future daughter...

  • Cordelia Rosier and the Proprietorial Portraiture ~ Marauder's Era AU
    13.7K 636 15

    "Merry meet. I am Cordelia of the Most Inbreded and Snobbish House of Rosier." Contrary to popular belief, Sirius Black wasn't the biggest disgrace. No, that title rightfully belonged to Cordelia Rosier. (Secretly, of course). ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In the Rosier household, words such as 'blood-traitor' and 'muggle-lover' is s...

  • The Lion and The Raven ~ James Potter AU
    79.8K 2K 16

    "I fell in love the way I fall asleep. Slowly, then all at once."-- John Green He was dynamic. She was dramatic. He was cheeky. She was sassy. He was reckless. She was passionate. They were by no means perfect. But they were perfect together. ~*~*~*~ James Potter. Gryffindor. Quidditch Captain. Seeker. Marauder. Trans...