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  • Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1)
    3.8M 137K 32

    He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen-year-old Ana in a case of mistaken identity, the orphaned housemaid prepares for the worst. Instead, between a shipwreck, mutiny, and her growing fee...

  • The Unsound Theory (STAR Academy Book 1 EXCERPT)
    123K 962 6

    Yalena Russo, your STAR Academy invitation has arrived. Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena isn't space-crazed. But a surprise invitation to join the exclusive STAR Academy opens a window to her unknown origins, making her ponder... What if space is where she belongs? Mystified by the leadership trio...

  • Turn N Burn
    237 8 2

    Just when Alison is at the top of her game, having already made it to the regional barrel racing competition, her beloved horse, Black Betty, a jet black American Quarter Horse filly, is injured while racing her brother. This forces her to find another horse that she can run barrels with at regionals. Will her new hor...

  • A Mermaid's Tale
    28.6K 1.4K 19

    "I was walking in the rocks next to the crashing waves in Georgetown, Maine. I had seen so many beautiful tide pools. Then I came across this one, gigantic tide pool. It was so beautiful and I wanted to swim in it. I pulled out the hair elastic sending the red mid-chest long hair swinging around my head. I kicked off...

  • Briarwood Elite Riding Academy: Take the Reins
    68.4K 2.5K 30

    ❝Seventeen riders, three finalists, one scholarship.❞ Welcome to Briarwood Elite Riding Academy the number one training facility in the whole world with on campus schooling for young riders with dreams of becoming champions. Every year Briarwood hosts a Briarball competition and this year the prize is bigger than ever...

  • It Comes Naturally
    3.8K 138 18

    Horseriding isn't just a hobby for 16 year old, Kailey Rellen, it wasn't a phase or a job either, it was her passion... Horses are her passion.

  • The Colt Challenge (A Horse Story)
    143K 5.8K 28

    Thirteen year old Allegra Mason is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is handed the cheeky but extremely talented rising three year old colt Arrow to train and care for as part of the famous 'Colt Challenge' at Shadow Hill Stables. But Ally is younger and less experienced than most of the other participants...

  • Breaking Free
    391K 17.9K 52

    Third and Final book in the Runaway Horse Series Taylor has overcome so many obstacles that it seems like there's nothing else the world can throw at her. But when secrets about her parents are revealed, how will she handle them? And how is she going to get through the jail sentence that is high school? Read on...

  • On Our Own
    384K 19.5K 47

    Taylor Evans is in the run yet again, leaving behind the boy she came to love, along with her dog. Not to mention her sense of security. When she comes across 'Maple Ridge Ranch,' it seems like a safe haven for her and Ezhno, her (stolen) buckskin paint horse. And it is, at first. But soon she finds that everythin...

  • Flaming Hearts
    311K 10.7K 38

    Spinoff of the Runaway Horse series Ariel Evans is a junior in high school- a Junior who has been living in the shadow of her sister since she was eleven. As conflict takes over her life, she feels trapped. Her only comfort is in her horse, Flame- a horse her sister gave her when she turned twelve...

  • Runaway Horse
    595K 25.1K 40

    #1 in Adventure 6/16/2015 Taylor Evans, a foster child, has been planning her runaway for a while now. Ever since her parents died when she was 6, she's been moved from foster home to foster home, and she's sick of it. So she runs away, train hopping until she gets far enough away. When she gets off, she realized...

  • Little Miss Rodeo Queen
    56.4K 1.2K 30

    "Now for the winners of the barrel racing competition. In first place. You know her as the horse that came and went with the wind. Who finished in the time of fourteen point three seconds. Bailey Holt! Come on out here, Bailey." The crowd claps and cheers as I enter the arena to claim my prize. The announcer is standi...

  • Barrel racing dream!
    18.6K 543 34

    Rozzy was born and raised in WV Her and her 3 best friends are all in love with horses and barrel racing read to find out the rest. ;)