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  • The Music of Jupiter
    54 8 1

    X97A2 is an orbital on a century-long research mission in around Jupiter. He hears music coming deep from within the planet, and enters its atmosphere on a one way trip to investigate. What he learns on his five minute journey will not only change the world, but it will challenge his place in it. I wrote this story si...

  • The Lean and Hungry Look
    9.2K 327 26

    Myth and reality are one. Conspiracies, ancient and modern alike, manipulate every aspect of life, every interaction. Everyone lives blind to secret masters and secret dangers, but it's easy when the monsters look human, or worse, are human. In a nameless American metropolis, Uaine Dupree leads a desultory life as a...

  • Apparatus: A Collection of Experimental Poetry, Prose, Photography
    88 9 1

    From @InspiritusPress & the @LiteraryFiction Network, a collection of experimental poetry, prose, photography by 15 brilliant contributors. The body is the sole mediator between man and universe, the moment between birth and death. Sometimes, there may be unity, love, transcendence and liberation. Other times, separat...

  • The Day I Wore Purple
    29.7K 1.7K 36

    Hannah Lasker is facing the most difficult decision of her life. Should she get the new immortality vaccine that will stop her body from aging? Or should she stand beside her boyfriend who can't afford the miracle cure? From innocent schoolyards of 1999 to the virtual environments of 2068, The Day I Wore Purple is a...

  • Made by Stars ✨ | By Stars Trilogy Book 1
    48.9K 5.3K 27

    THEY HAVE BEEN WATCHING. Watching everyone and everything since the beginning of time. Watching as the humans slowly destroyed their planet, wearing down the resources and the ozone layer. Now, it's paper thin. With radiation poisoning and starvation tearing at the population like a crazed animal, those who are le...

  • The Tale of Maria LeConstoy
    1.1K 183 16

    Retired Minister Daisy Aldero-Sanchez is blind but she keeps having these unusual visions. Lately she is losing herself in images of a town and all of its colourful characters. They seem so real, so flawed and yet so delightful that she talks about them for days. What is even more odd, is Daisy is beginning to think t...

  • Thesis- Histrionic
    491 24 14

    Has the world dissembled us? Segregated us from all of perpetuity? Such a nefarious yet tenacious world, not quite astounding isn't it? Have it be isolate us from certainty. Lets embark onto the intrasigent of the world, have it be endemic or fulsome, it doesnt exactly matter does it? Category: Idealogical writing

  • Cleansing Eden: Kill Your Idols
    6.5K 519 53

    * Featured by @LiteraryFiction * It's time for brain-dead celebrities to get what they deserve. After hooking a runaway on a strange substance called Bluegrasse, an eccentric inventor of designer drugs launches a campaign of violence and manipulation to cleanse the world of impure celebrities. But things quickly go wr...

  • Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective
    321K 20.4K 59

    Prequel to the 2016 Wattys winner, "Black Eye" (Featured by @TheGirlOnTheTrain) * Her psychic powers are fake, but the kidnapped girl she must find is real. * Zandra is an infamous "psychic" who grifts the gullible residents of her small Wisconsin town using her wits, not anything supernatural. Her skills are put to t...

  • 💁‍♀️Mother's Hand [SciFi Audiobook]
    6.5K 826 23

    1984 meets Blade Runner in Mother's Hand. [Audiobook included] For fans of Dark Mirror and Westworld. Set in a crumbling dystopian future our world is ruled by the all-seeing and unforgiving Mother. Kal's time has come to serve in Mother's Hand and do his part in protecting Earth. He dutifully donates his body...

  • Zeitgeist
    201 12 1

    What happens when a literal Professor of Coolness begins to feel like he's losing his edge? ∆ Originally published as a hypertext story on ∆ Updated with new images in March 2016. ∆ A Wattys 2016 visual story nominee.

  • The Hanging of the Swings of Versailles
    15.5K 525 11

    A boy on the swings of his school, a firefly signal between lovers, an online conversation between strangers. Find mystery, wonder, and heartache in this unpredictable set of short stories about separating from the other, merging with the infinite, and seeking the highest regard. Or the lowest. It's a pendulum, after...

  • Siren Suicides (Second Edition)
    5.7K 497 30

    On a rainy September morning 16-year-old Ailen Bright flees her abusive father by jumping off the Seattle Aurora Bridge. Instead of a true death, in the water she finds several silver-skinned sirens who convert her to one of their own. As a newborn siren she is dead, supernaturally strong, and hungry for her new suste...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Butcher's Daughter
    353 31 4

    The Butcher's Daughter follows 24 hours in the life of Cookie; club kid, mad genius, and controlled sociopath.

  • Decades
    643 57 14

    As the war begins and the threat of death becomes imminent, a young man transcends space and time in a search for personal meaning. As the mushroom cloud rises in the distance, the moment slows down to a freezing point and the young man is transported to an afterlife dimension where memories can be reviewed and relive...

  • Dispatch
    627 42 7

    A death and a train going nowhere.

  • Unperson
    155 10 1

    This is a short story I wrote during the course of a single plane ride from Dallas, Texas, to my home in Lancaster, PA. In it I recount the city I used to live in, Dallas, through vivid mental detail. I went back to sell my novels (The Modern Reformer and Black Genesis: Desert Man) at Dallas Comic Con and found mysel...

  • Summer Hill Dream
    125 10 1

  • Hokkaido Green
    215 17 1

    After his brother died, Hitoshi Watanabe quit his job and decided to walk to the hot spring waterfall at the end of the world. Originally published in Strange Horizons

  • Reading By Numbers
    883 39 1

    Secret numbers and hidden codes feature in this story about how cultural differences can affect even things that are supposed to be universally true. Originally published in Fantasy Magazine and reprinted in Looking Glass and Cosmos.

  • Confusion in Underground Clouds
    1.1K 107 62

    This is a collection of assorted poems, detailing one consciousness extending and swirling into another, and another, and another.

  • These Shadows Remain: A Fable
    246 21 5

    Images overrun the world. Toons filled with rage and hate hunger for life. A war between simulations and humans. People besieged in a castle of dreams. A mysterious knight shifts between worlds, holding the secret that could save all. Orphaned children lead him to the whirlwind, the terrible faceless source. "We’d com...

  • You
    1.4K 146 5

    After years of imprisonment and solitude have weakened your body and taken your mind, you manage to escape your prison at last. Yet the world now is far different from the world you can't remember. Misshapen creatures lurk in the night. Strange metal creations lay decaying. Face-stealing monsters hunt. And worst of...

  • A mermaid in the bath
    144K 2.5K 16

    Love, mermaids, altered consciousness, the struggle against evil and a lot of jokes. Now available as a paperback, with mermaid illustrations. for Amazon links or order from your bookshop. The first several updated chapters will remain here on Wattpad for your delectation.

  • The Fabricator
    326K 2.4K 96

    “LOOKING BACK ON IT NOW the bondage was a bit like my mind and body being let out on licence ....” Huge, absorbing, almost unbearably moving, THE FABRICATOR is the story of one couple's bid for love in a suffocating society. An epic set in troubled Ireland, this rich tale of love and bondage will captivate you from th...

  • Suicide Lane Cafe
    18.6K 1K 31

    A collection of short stories, drabbles, and bizarre things.

  • Catching Bigfoot
    3.5K 189 9

    On a cold winter night in the mountains of Virginia Frank and Earl make one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science. They capture Bigfoot. The two believe this will lead to fame and fortune but when they go to tell the world the opposite happens. No one believes them.

  • Persephone
    35.1K 2.1K 7

    A wife goes mad on the night of her marriage and her husband is left alone in an empty house. Filled with despair and longing, he sets out on a dream-filled voyage to find her. This text was written while listening to the first three minutes of Beethoven's Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 - II, Allegretto. In each secti...

  • Thousand-Year Cat
    55.2K 1.5K 1

    Once upon a time, a cat fell in love with an ambitious man.