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  • Wisdom of the Ancients
    42K 1.5K 1

    A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It reached their Top 10 Submissions which, given that there appeared to be well over 5000 entries, was a very pleasant surprise! The competition itself had...

  • Elemorts
    52.2K 2.9K 36

    *HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 THRILLER; #2 FANTASY; #4 MYSTERY; #5 ADVENTURE; #6 SCIENCEFICTION/SCIFI* Something sinister is brewing on planet Karomoz - the central hub and heart of a galaxy with numerous hospitable planets. Rumors abound of experiments for creating the perfect soldiers, excavations for ancient relics, and th...

  • I Don't Seem So Bright in a Well-Lit Room
    102K 3.9K 36

    The universe is a very strange place. It will take even stranger heroes to save it. "Absurd. Existential. Ridiculous. Tragic. Comic. The antiheroes of "I Don't Seem So Bright in a Well-Lit Room" are a kind of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with space packs, inadvertently colliding with their destinies against a starry b...

    Completed   Mature