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  • denial, jennie ruby jane kim
    17.6K 772 14

    In which, Lisa had a twin sister, Rain, who will caught the certain cat eyed girl's heart without knowing it. However, things won't always go in the right path. rain g!p x jennie kim

  • desire, roseanne park
    1.3K 89 6

    Avis Jolie-Pitt had enough of traumatic things that had happened into her life ever since the moment she grew older. She seeked for love she never felt for a very long time, and after a few years of waiting, she had finally found the one. The only problem was, the girl she fell in love with wasn't so sure about her. r...

  • destiny, lalisa pranpriya manoban
    1.5K 75 12

    In which, Lalisa Manoban, a famous Kpop idol tells her story about how the love of her life, Sage Kim, slips off from her grasp for the first time. But the destiny who broke them apart will somehow glue them to each other once again. lalisa g!p x female oc

  • deception, kendall nicole jenner
    110K 4.3K 42

    In which, Samantha Hadid is one of the biggest supermodels in the world. All the boys and girls kneel before her and would probably get everything she wants, anytime she wanted, yet she is one of the victims of Kendall Jenner's deception. g! p Kendall x female oc