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  • What I Found on the Deep Web {TNT Grand Prize Winner}
    28.7K 1.4K 4

    Unemployed and desperate for money, I turned to the Deep Web looking for work. Instead, I found this. ---- TNT Horror Contest Grand Prize Winner, to be adapted for television! Wattpad Featured Story #20 in horror 3/2/17

  • The Folveshch
    262K 19.6K 23

    [Formerly Featured/Award-Winning Novella/#2 in Horror] There is something eerie about this village -- this hole of silent, maddened people. In 1922 my Papa told me of a faceless entity that lurks amongst us in our isolated slice of Russia. The locals have kept this horror alive for a century, though the only ones wh...

  • Regarding the Reputation of Dr. HP Little (or Why Cthulhu Has Wings)
    159 23 3

    Dr. Henry Little tries to warn the world of pending doom at the hands (tentacles) of slumbering Cthulhu. But no one listens to a tired old man. Except Cthulhu. (c) 2016 Kevin Lane (WattPad edition)

  • Candle Wick Stories
    893 65 3

    A collection of short stories, each taking less time to read than it takes a flame to devour the wick of a candle. Prompts, suggestions, and editing suggestions are welcome. Updated randomly, no set schedule.

  • Love Wins
    84.5K 5.6K 16

    Love Wins is a collection of short stories that celebrate diversity, LGBTQ+ stories and characters. Winners of the LGBTQ+ contests, guest authors, and special content will be featured in Love Wins. Whether you're just starting to explore the LGBTQ+ community or have been a long-time member or advocate, we hope you...

  • Consumed
    799K 43.1K 24

    Confessions from a murderer. This is what Lucy Hanson uncovers after reading a journal she finds in a secondhand desk. She soon develops a dangerous desire to discover the identity of the journal's author. With the police hot on the killer's trail, will she find the answers she's looking for? Or will her unhealthy obs...

  • The Reaper's Assistant
    221K 15.6K 14

    Ben Davies doesn't know what happened before he woke up to his body dying in a hospital bed. When the Reaper recruits him to help souls cross over to the dead, he slowly begins to remember the events before his death. Before he can think of going to Heaven, Ben must pull his memories together to remember who killed hi...

  • The Cursed Hill (Rick Thane Book 1)
    562K 17.6K 23

    Rick Thane can see the dead. He's not a medium, he's not a ghost hunter, he's not a psychic- he is a Spiritual Therapist and he's here to help. If your house is haunted, please call Rick on 020-SPIRITS

  • The Dream Crashers ✓
    2.8M 124K 25

    Rory Wade is terrified of what happens to her when she sleeps. One morning, she wakes up to find bruises and scars covering every inch of her body. She doesn't know what's happening, but suspects it has something to do with her father's disappearance, which happened at the same time she started developing her sleepwal...