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  • Anything But Ordinary
    6.7K 549 18

    ***** In Anything But Ordinary, two very different girls learn through different ways the affects of bullying and how far someone will go to get away from it all. This touching story is sure to turn your world upside down and help you realize that you are anything but ordinary.

  • Flicker (On Hold)
    2.3K 109 2

    When his imaginary childhood friend appears in his bedroom, seventeen-year-old Avery Slater learns that getting rid of the dead is harder than he thought. Ever since childhood, Avery has been forced to listen to the whining of the dead. Crazy dead cat ladies and angry hit-and-run victims just love to tell him about th...

  • The (Im)Perfect Escape
    24.3K 422 13

    After the accident, nothing seemed right. I walked around like a mindless zombie, having the occasional breakdown that involved me rocking back and forth in the fetal position while muttering about imaginary men in spandex suits and lollipops. I shouldn’t have been too surprised when my grandparents shipped me off to...

  • You Watched Me Fall {A Novella}
    4.7K 131 16

    After an unforgivable misunderstanding, Isadora is banished from Heaven and falls from grace to Earth. Alone in an unfamiliar place, she finds herself confused and helpless, but she clings to the past that changed her and the hope to restore her faith in herself and her world. Isadora finds help in one of the most unl...

  • Ophelia Drowned
    99.6K 2.1K 25

    When Maggie continues to act out glorified death scenes through suicide attempts she is told that she's only looking for attention, and it's probably true. But after she attempt's to drown like Ophelia, by jumping into a river, she is rescued and a new friendship emerges that could change everything.

  • How to Hack a Heart
    539K 6.7K 11

    *In major construction. Do not read unless you do not want to read the ending for a very long time until I get things figured out. Thanks!* I was just a hacker. Your average, seventeen-year-old, very sarcastic hacker. Well, average if you thought average meant living with your fried chicken obsessed uncle after your e...