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  • Mutuals ✔ // (Larry Stylinson)
    462K 21.6K 33

    Louis Tomlinson is the world's most successful and well-known record artist. His fans (who call themselves "Louies") know everything about him-- so they think. Harry Styles' life is changed when he is added into a twitter group with four other male Louies. For the better or for the worse, he hasn't decided yet. But, w...

  • The Dare // Larry Stylinson Fic
    12.9K 314 16

    A dare has been given and Louis accepts but this might be the one dare he cannot succeed. Or Harry, an innocent young boy, gets tied up with another but when he learns the truth will he leave or will he stay?

  • Mine || larry
    959K 47.2K 32

    ••complete•• louis runs a gang and harry dates gang members

    Completed   Mature
  • you put the O in disOrder ➢ (l.s)
    2.8M 138K 51

    ((warning!: hey everyone! i wrote this when i was like 15-16? and i realized i never put a rating on this story. it's pretty explicit! (i tagged it as mature but i'm going to put in the description that it's 18+ just so it's very clear)) Orgasms. You see that word and you think it's hot...right? Wrong. What if you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty⚣Lilo✔️
    279K 12K 46

    "Every flower has to grow through dirt" [Lilo] All rights reserved 2015®CockyLilo

  • Curious l.s.
    154K 4.7K 28

    "Curiosity killed the cat, ya know?" "I'm willing to risk that" In which a young, submissive boy is torn between his dominant girlfriend and her intimidating yet tempting stepbrother. (Short story) {Started Sep 29th 2019} {Finished April 22th 2020} Highest Rankings: #1 in bottomHarry #2 in subharry #4 in daddylou...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is Over (Larry Stylinson fanfic)
    101K 2.5K 37

    Harry Styles is the school nerd, who gets bullied by his crush Louis Tomlinson and Louis friends Zayn, Niall and Luke. Harry only has one friend Liam Payne will their friendship last? Does Laim have feeling towards Harry but hiding them or does he fall for a school bully? Will Louis step away from his popularity and...

  • Teacher ❤ Student (Larry)Currently being edited!
    107K 3.3K 13

    Louis Tomlinson is the new English teacher at the all-boys school. He has just gotten out of university and are at the age 24. Louis lives with his best and only friend Liam Payne. It is his only friend because well Louis haven't been interacting with people since he got in to university but Liam has been there for Lo...

  • Mute larry stylinson AU
    208K 6.2K 14

    Harry styles was considered "mute". He sat in the back of the class and never spoke a word. Not even to his parents. Harry knew he wasn't mute. But just never had bin able to admit it. He was the nerd of the school. No one would dare to speak to him. Louis Tomlinson was outgoing, loud, and the new kid in school. The d...

  • Stay With Me (Larry Fanfic)
    42.3K 1.1K 21

    Louis is the popular boy in school. He has everything: a girlfriend, captain of the football team and his family is even rich. But then he meets Harry. Harry is openly gay and Louis is starting to have feelings for him. Louis can't risk the thought of being gay to the whole school or he would lose everything.

  • Opposite attracts - Lashton | COMPLETED
    218K 10K 74

    Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin were two completely different boys. Not only social wise but in many other ways. Let's start. Let's start with Luke. Luke lives in Australia with both of his parents. He is an only child and have a pretty easy life. His father is the headmaster of his high school. How cool? But it's not...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saved by the Captain ( Larry stylinson au )
    122K 4.4K 13

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I WROTE THIS AT 13 (But check out my other story it's a lot better ;) Louis is new to the school and immediately attracts attention for his big butt and pretty looks. what happens when Harry, the team captain of the soccer team, saves him from getting mobbed. find out in : Saved by the caption...

  • Cold Hands
    133K 2.4K 16

    Credits to teletubbie891 here on Wattpad for this amazing book cover!! (Enemies To Lovers Type Beat<3) This story does contain content that could be upsetting to some people, so please READ WITH CAUTION! You hated everything about Draco Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy hated everything about you. Until one day however, som...

  • You're Safe With Me ( Draco Malfoy )
    1.5M 35.8K 48

    A Gryffindor girl, finally making her return to Hogwarts after being away for 5 years. A Slytherin boy, cocky, arrogant and lonely. The two unexpectedly form a bond, not knowing that it will change both of their lives forever.

  • A Wonderful Fortuitous Love
    3.9M 111K 67

    "You see, Draco Malfoy, without your sarcastic replies to endure each morning and that arrogance only you could carry, I find myself somewhat missing you." Draco thought the biggest problem living for a year under the same roof as Hermione Granger was the probability of them killing each other. He never thought it wou...

  • The Muggle With The Lightning Scar ☆ h.p au (EDITING)
    131K 4.3K 55

    She looked at his scar. "You're just like me." He looked at her scar. "I guess so." +++++ Zoë is just a normal muggle with an unusual family and a scar. A normal scar she thought Until she met Harry Potter *d.malfoy but not always focused on it* *** previously known as "the muggle who lived" ***

  • Play(Draco Malfoy)
    2.5M 50K 40

    Draco Malfoy is typing..... [mature content] [texting/social media au] [highest ranking- #29 malfoy, #1 felton,#24 dracomalfoy,#177 hogwarts,#1 tom,#224 harry potter,#1 draco,#130 fanfiction]

  • SENTIR, malfoy
    310K 15.2K 35

    enoch feels too much & draco doesn't feel enough d. malfoy / male oc started 2018 completed 2019 book 1 of 2

  • Masquerade [1] → Tom Riddle ✓
    576K 15.7K 36

    When Evelyn returned for her Fifth Year at Hogwarts, she expected everything to be the same. But when Dumbledore gives her a task to infiltrate Tom Riddle's gang, to steer him from his current path, she finds herself drowning in dark magic, surrounded by a boy with a constant masquerade. ----- Unravelled is the sequel...

  • BabyDoll~ l.s
    238K 7.2K 31

    What happens when the wide world famous star falls for a feminine boy?! Harry Styles. A boy who likes to dress in a pretty clothes that makes him feel beautiful and boost his confidence a bit. After being told by many how abnormal it is. He tries his best to ignore those comments. But sometimes it's just too hard! Lou...

  • Crazed Addiction
    307K 12.7K 85

    When Des Styles runs out of time to pay Louis back for his supply drugs, Louis is furious. So instead of going after Des, he goes after something, or someone, that belongs to him: Harry Styles. Who to Des, may or may not be more precious than his drugs. [Psycho Larry Au] [Written by @LarryShipperForLife, @Castaway_L...

    Completed   Mature
  • the color yellow // l.s.
    130K 6.4K 45

    Charlesden is home of everything boring, where nothing exciting ever happens. Harry dreams of being more than a small-town boy and craves for more, and then in walks a mysterious Louis Tomlinson to turn his life upside-down. Here's to a seventies romance, so much confusion, and some good goddamn music.

  • Twilight (Larry Stylinson)
    208K 9.5K 35

    Twilight, Larry Stylinson Vampire!Louis Human!Harry ALL RIGHTS OF THE STORY TO STEPHANIE MEYER disclaimer: story has been edited so not completely the same

  • I Remember You Laughing [Larry Stylinson]
    300K 8.9K 45

    When Anne's childhood friend passes away, she is inclined to read all past emails she never opened. Those emails reveal startling news that prompt her to make a bold move that would change her family's life forever and take her on a path she never thought she'd cross again. OR Harry always knew he was different, but...

  • Breeze // l.s. au
    72.6K 3.1K 14

    ​ 0.0 Harry definitely didn't spend the entire summer scheming to get Louis' attention. And he definitely didn't pretend to be drowning. OR The one where Harry's dad has a resort on the small island Curacao and hires Louis as a lifeguard.

  • 𝐍𝐄𝐄𝐃𝐒 ☻
    59.8K 3.8K 41

    ᵕ̈♡˳೫˚∗ ❝𝐍𝐄𝐄𝐃𝐒❞ ˗ˏˋ in which louis is a drug addict and harry falls pregnant ˎˊ˗ 「 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐱 𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐢𝐬 」 「 𝐦𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐠!𝐡𝐚�...

  • Princess » l.s ✔️
    239K 9.2K 28

    One where tatted and pierced up Louis stumbles upon a strange boy who likes pink sweaters and pretty flower crowns. He sort of changes his life, and Louis can't help but be sort of grateful. Filled with giggles, tears, and new discoveries; A story of first loves, and terrifying beginnings.

  • The next door [editing] boyxboy
    205K 4.3K 43

    What happens when Louis moves nexts to a cute twink?? Warnings ----- •boyxboy •daddykink •light bdsm •fem harry •bottom harry •larry ( bit of narry only in the start) •abusive boyfriend (Niall) Gonna be a long book.?

  • angel °
    240K 13.4K 77

    [ LARRY S. AU ] ❛ you've shown me the true meaning of heaven on earth, you're my angel. ❜ or the one where two boys share delicate kisses and make love in the back of a classic car; but it all starts with some anonymous compliments. © UN...

  • Princess // l.s.
    194K 7.7K 23

    "You look like a princess. I'm not even joking" ~ Louis Tomlinson A different journey for our very own Larry Stylinson.