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  • A natural born five star chef
    34.7K 741 10

    (Warning, if you're hungry, do not read!) After traveling all over the world, Y/N trussardi decided to make japan his home What will the people there think of his food ( Achievements ) Dxd: 3rd Foodwars: 7th Rwby: 5th senrankagura: 1st ( Who thought this was a good idea ) Jojo: 7th

  • Trouble Makers |JJBA Kids!Villians x Milf!reader #Wattys2020
    169K 9.6K 84

    Deciding to adopt eight boys may or may not be the best or worst thing you have ever done. While (Y/n) becomes the Milf that every guy wants. (Curvy! Multi-skin colored!Reader) (Multi-skin color meaning the Reader doesn't have a certain skin tone in this book, this book welcomes all skin tones and sizes! Thank you! Co...

    Completed   Mature