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  • Stolen Interracial Love
    124K 2.4K 23

    On one cold February morning Andrea a successful African American attorney on her day off went in search for food at Chicago's Navy Pier attraction. During her adventure man attacked Andrea and attempted to rape her. Out of nowhere comes the Caucasian beauty named Jack, to save the day. After the attack Andrea fainte...

  • Chain of Hearts (BWWM)
    450K 17.7K 22

    The chain of hearts is longer than we can all imagine. Hearts that have been broken, hearts that belong together and hearts that simply need fixing. But they are always linked together somehow. This applies perfectly to Asia Henderson, whose life is turned upside down when she is introduced to her roommate's boyfriend...

  • A Taste of White Chocolate
    824K 14.1K 11

    (English - Unedited - In Revision) Lisa Stanely is a 22 year old full-figured college student who has been told that she wouldn't be good enough until she lost weight her entire life but that never stopped her from doing her own thang! Her mind set has always has been, "Fuck everyone! My body is sexy and there is some...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Legacy - The Legacy Saga
    1.7M 16.5K 30

    North Carolina native, Cisely Matthews has seen and suffered much in her twenty-two years of life, and she has the scars to prove it. When amazing blessings come to her, she wonders if she will ever feel worthy enough to deserve them. Australian-born Ingo Kelly is thrown for an emotional loop when he visits his aunt i...

  • The Color Of Love Series [Editing]
    1.4M 22K 62

    It all began with a damn school project and from then on the fire was lit between Jake and Alyssa. Their love kindled and they became inseparable, but their is one thing working against them. The fact that Jake is white and Alyssa is black and in the small town of Deatsville, Alabama this relationship is not tolerable...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (BWWM) - ON AMAZON!!!
    16.6K 68 33

    Meet Jessamine. A single mom following her dreams of becoming a professional dancer until fate decides to interrupt her plans by way of Jacob Reese. There was no way this exotic, brown skinned woman could resist this beautiful man with blond hair and blue eyes that just so happened to be a successful attorney. Attorn...

  • I'm Your Boss, Remember?
    2.4M 44K 26

    (English - Unedited - In Revision) John Zane is a self made multi-millionaire. An arrogant, self-centered, playboy who believes that he can have anything, and treat anyone, every which way but right. Until he meets Linda Blake. As his new assistant, Linda is unlike any other and he finds it interesting that she refuse...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Interracial Couple
    4.2K 40 2

    Amaya a simple girl's life changes when she falls in love with a partner of a gay couple. He's also white. Will they overcome racism? Or tremble under the pressure? Will she make him straight or will he go back to his partner? Read to discover.

  • Her Ultimate Desire
    21.6K 465 5

    Alexia is a black successful Caribbean woman who has the career she dreams of and a greatest best friend Kristy, what more could a girl ask for. But what she really desires is a strong man to come take control and fulfill her life and be her ultimate desire. Can Liam be that guy?

  • Race Relations
    1.6M 57.3K 42

    Leila is a young and sexy magazine editor. Open minded and accepting of everything and everyone. She loves diversity, and she tries her best to surround herself with people that maintain that same value. Then she meets Nathaniel Harrington. Nathaniel Harrington is the hometown boy, sort of. All his life his parents ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sooner or Later...You'll Want Me Again
    5.4M 103K 43

    Five years ago, Isyss Dulay left home to pursue her modeling career. Behind, she respectably left friends and family. Now, as a 23 year old famous supermodel, she's returning home to the life and people she had to leave behind. She finds out that not only has the scenery changed, but the people as well. Among them all...

  • Prism Love (An Interracial Romance: Book 1)
    55.8K 985 24

    "I've always thought the story of the prism spectrum to be romantic. a lone light ray from hardship meets transparent love and the eruption causes the ray to expand into more of itself. to show the many colors it never knew it had... then life happens." Meet Aura, a pretty black girl who meets her true love on the cit...

  • Echoes of passion
    13.4K 231 4

    If possible, no readers below the age of 18 please!! Iris Nkem has always been the disciplined, strong-willed and determined African lady her mother raised her to be. However, nothing could prepare her for the red-hot blazing attraction she feels for her teacher, Mr. Henderson. Sebastian Henderson V has been the catch...