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  • The blood taste
    31 6 5

    Luna ,qui croyait qu'elle était modite , surnommée l'ensorceleuse l'assassin le plus redoutable au monde Esteban, brisé qui ressent comme si il était mort de l'intérieur, surnommé le Phœnix futur chef du réseau de son père et un assassin Leur chemin se rencontrent lorsque le père de Esteban appelle ensorceleuses pou...

  • Crazy in love | dark Romance |
    88.9K 376 3

    | MATURE CONTENT 18+ | ☣ this story contains deep Disturbed dark love . twice my story was reported and deleted please don't click on if your not into dark Romance thank you ~ ☣ A mental Institution patient RAcer 24 escapes and has been on the run for two years , he finds Natalia on the streets at age 14 and 3 years...

    Completed   Mature
  • HIDE N SEEK | Yumark
    5.5K 354 40

    Mark Lee, just your average popular lad is kidnapped by an obsessive, sadistic psychopath named Nakamoto Yuta, a cruel cat who finally found his mouse to play with. In order to save himself and his friends from this creep, Mark must kill Yuta... but would he succeed and at what cost? Start: 15 JUL 2021 End: 03 NOV 20...

    Completed   Mature
  • Million Dollar Man
    15.8M 426K 20

    Gangs. That was the one thing that had ruined Evelyn Summers life since the start. With her brother being the leader of “The London's Eyes,”growing up in a world of cruelty was something Evelyn Summers had to become accustomed to. But thing's about to get a whole lot worse. Gangs are starting to form all over London...

    Completed   Mature