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  • His 9ja Babe
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    "Do you remember your highschool in Nigeria?" I asked. "Nigeria? No, I studied abroad!" "No! You were in Nigeria.Do you remember me?" "You? Am I suppose to?" "Yes, I'm Naomi! You used to call me Cupcake!" "I don't understand what you are talking about. Maybe you are mistaken" "Mistaken? I'm sure it is you" "But I don'...

  • My High School life
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    It's about a girl named Michelle who has obstacles during her life and is still struggling to fight it. This is not my story. It's my sister's❤❤. Her first book and she hopes it is loved by all

  • Teenage life
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    It's about a girl named Josephine and her teenage life. It's a sad story but with a happy ending

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    Hi, I am kokiki and this story is about me, my family, my friends and everyone I have met in general. I am a beginner in writing, pls don't mind my mistakes u can always correct me in the comments I would appreciate that. My life is full of up's and down's and many obstacles I have to fight along the way. We all have...