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  • The Transferee is a Bully | COMPLETED
    2.1K 220 9

    The moment an unfamiliar face enters that little classroom of hers, Isay felt the sudden jolt in her tiny heart. Is it because of the new kid's annoying presence or is it something special than that? Elementary Series 2 The Transferee is a Bully written by MysteriousAbbysssss

  • Elementary Series #18 Tagu-Taguan
    180 50 7

    Elementary series by RM Publishing Writers 18 different short stories with different genres that aspiring authors has to offer, showing how rich and colorful our elementary days are, showing the glimpse of childhood, this is ELEMENTARY SERIES... STARTED/END:04/05/2021

    Completed   Mature
  • Chinese Garter ✓
    779 135 10

    COMPLETE | SHORT STORY | ELEMENTARY SERIES 9 Hershey wouldn't have had everything he has now if it weren't for the game that changed his life, the Chinese Garter.

  • Elementary Series #17: Kasal-Kasalan(Completed)
    223 47 7

    Elementary Series By RM Publishing Writers Kasal-Kasalan By: Jaychan_ace Start: April 5, 2021 End: April 5, 2021

  • FLAMES (Elementary Series #16)
    205 25 6

    (COMPLETED) FLAMES. Friends, Lover, Admirer, Married, Enemy, and Soulmates. Six letters with a variety of false destinies and high uncertainty. The game has been carved in the ordeal of elementary students and their fates are somehow bound for more, something deeper. Paano kung makilala mo ang 'the one' mo dahil sa l...

    89 30 6

    ELEMENTARY SERIES 11 Ice Pop Written By: Babz07aziole BLURB Si Bokz at Babz ay unang nagkakilala sa pagbili ng Ice pop sa may kanto kung saan nakatirik ang pinakasikat na sari-sari store ni Aleng Bebe. Sa unang pagtatama pa lamang ng paningin nila ay tila may umusbong ng kakatwang damdamin sa pinakaibutoran nila. Puro...

  • TPLCS SS #1: DAVIS | Elementary Series
    261 90 10

    The Psychological Lost Case Series Side Story #1 & part of the Elementary Series "All rise." The spacious room made out of antique designs had dozens of people inside of it. "Department one of the Superior Court is now in session," the bailiff said as he roamed his eyes around the place. Everyone was standing, waiting...

    Completed   Mature
  • New Quarter, New Crush (COMPLETED)
    292 67 7

    ELEMENTARY SERIES #4 Normal naman sigurong papalit-palit ng crush, 'diba? Pero paano na lang kung ang panibago mong crush ang siya pa lang makakatuluyan-hayst! Nevermind, basahin niyo na nga lang.

  • Tumbang Preso [COMPLETED]
    767 79 8

    (COMPLETED) ELEMENTARY SERIES #08 Tara, maglaro at bumalik sa pagkabata. Laro tayo ng Tumbang Preso.. Started: 04/04/2021 End: 04/04/2021

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever In Mik-Mik [Completed ✓]
    1.1K 157 9

    Elementary Series #3 [SHORT STORY] Collaboration with: RM WRITERS

  • Taym Pers (Oneshot) ✅COMPLETED
    2.4K 180 7

    Elementary Series #6 (COMPLETED) Started with a joke na sineryoso ng RM Writers🤦🏻‍♀️ Start/End: 04/04/21