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    "It all began eighteen years ago on a very sunny afternoon..... One blissful summer" Secrets and affairs buried deep away in the dark minds of certain individuals stir up power struggle and crime. Will Cedric Ramirez be able to unravel all this before he gets entangled in the web of the power- drunk community???? ...

  • Beautiful liar(On Hold )
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    Jewel so beautiful,charming and very intelligent she gets entangled with what life has to offer her,will she choose the right paths or go against her families decisions. find how she struggles to go through her resolution and becomes very prominent .It might surprise her family that she of all people has a very br...

  • Naa Oklekie (a Ghanian story)
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    "Ma! wake up please else Papa will beat you again" little Naa Oklekie screamed. But little did she know her mother had just been beaten to death by her father. Dad now dead, little Jacqueline Naa Oklekie is in custody of her wicked stepmother. Find out if she finally gets a better life or suffers in the hands of step...

  • A Meeting on the Bus
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    Sarah Hadley is a somewhat normal girl living a somewhat normal life. Well, that is until Hayden Carmichael barges into it. Along with him comes drama, uncovered secrets and fun. Join them on their journey of love, friendship and family.

  • The Unwilling Renaissance
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    This story narrates the rebirth of a way of life that is inspiring yet archaic and antagonistic to modernity; Ada would have to muster all the courage in the world to pursue her career and to find love. Will she accept to be inducted as a shrine priestess or go ahead to become a medical doctor? After all, both take ca...

  • Love At First Sight {Ongoing}
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    Love At First Sight. The title explains it all

  • Destined To Be
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    "hi Abena,do you remember me?, no sir "okay it me Kofi about characters Abena is an 18year old girl who resides at kwashieman with her family (father,step mother and step siblings) Kofi is a handsome young man of the age 26,he is the CEO of kasapreko company limited, he loves his family very much hello that's all u...

  • Every Witch Way: The New Girl
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    This is an Every Witch Way fanfiction about Emma and Daniel What happens when Emma hasn't met Daniel and she babysits the terrible three. And follow her as she goes through life related to a panther (Starts off the day Emma moves to Miami)

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    **** Nerdy Heidi Mitchell makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her male best friend, Gregory Sanders. Will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, Heidi and transfer student Gregory Sanders' friendship becomes a big issue. Gregory is protective...

  • The Saga of The African Queen (By noaofori)
    25.3K 2.3K 34

    When Maame Amma is deeply affected after her best friend who she secretly has a crush on, marries her arch-nemesis , she decides to work in the palace knowing very well that maids in the palace are not allowed to marry, until she finds Kofi- a free-spirited boy who cares about nothing around him. She soon befriends hi...

  • Mine (an African love story)
    13.5K 1.6K 30

    Anima and Danny have been best friends since birth. They do everything together and are practically inseparable. When emotions, betrayal, mistakes, and mean girls are thrown into the mix, things are bound to get messy. #3 in Ghana - 06/13, 07/02 #2 in Ghana - 06/14 #5 in Ghanaian - 06/18 #2 in Ghanaian - 07/03 #1 in W...

  • A Prince's Love
    10.4K 1.8K 50

    Maadwoa- an unassuming girl, who lost her mother during birth, and never met her father. She lives with her aunt, where she constantly suffers through the wrath of her aunt's treatment, only getting comfort from her uncle and her best friends. What happens when she stumbles across the handsome and charming heir to the...

  • Anaya: A Dark Voyage [#1 LightBlood Series]
    7.9K 960 41

    Anaya awakes from a month in a coma to find herself in an empty room - an abandoned pig slaughterhouse. Filled with horror, she tries to run only to be met with a sealed envelope drenched in blood addressed to her. She opens the seal and finds a letter with the writings, "Dear Anaya, the body you are wearing used to...

  • His Enigma
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    Kenneth James, a guy with ambition who struggles with his past. A past he can't run away from, a past that keeps haunting him. Trying to bury it all with work till he bumps into Meredith in a not so usual meeting and everything starts to resurface. ******* Meredith Collins isn't a normal girl with a daily job but she...