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  • Orni - An innocent angel
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    " Who was that boy, angel?" He asked coming forward and she started going backwards. She started saying with her shaky voice," Because of fear, she isn't being able to form any words. She is crying and shivering like a little kitten. " Answer me," he shouted and she replied in one go...

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  • Mistress
    76.3K 1.7K 11

    " I am pregnant," I said timidly caressing my flat belly hoping that he will be happy hearing the news. After all, he is going to be a father. He said chewing the food," Abort it." He said it so usually like it's the obvious thing to say at this situation. My eyes get watered immediately. I said crying," It's my firs...

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  • My Psycho Husband
    32.8K 866 8

    "Qubool hai(I accept)," I said with great difficulty and a lone tear escaped from my eyes. I looked at my husband and found him smiling at me. His smile was so mysterious and unusual which created a shiver in my whole system. At the time of Rukhsati(sending off the bride), my mother requested to my husband," Please, t...

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  • Her Little Wishes
    113K 1.6K 8

    " You cheated on me!" She said sobbing bitterly and he was silently looking at her. He asked very calmly," You believed her instead of believing me?" " I have done a DNA test. That child is yours! Do you hear me, you cheater? You backstabbed me!" She shouted grabbing his collar and he kept standing like a robot. Burs...

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  • Substitute Wife
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    " You know very well why I married you?" He asked rudely. She replied controlling her tears," Yes, for your children." Then, he said calmly," If I find any kind of carelessness from your side regarding my children then trust me you will see the worst side of me." She remained silent when he shouted," Words, woman!!" ...

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  • Bitter Love
    15.7K 385 7

    " I have signed the divorce papers. Take this money and get lost from here. Never show me your slutty face again," He said rudely throwing some money on my face. His every word pierced through my heart like arrows. I looked at the notes which are scattered on the floor. Tears formed in my eyes but I controlled them...

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