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  • Tsukishima x Reader ~ New Moon
    225K 9.2K 16

    Being able to see you everyday bought something new into Tsukishima's life. Whether that was just another annoying person to disrupt him, someone to calm him down or just another face he'd have to see everyday, he wasn't sure. But that was at first. What he did realise now was that he wasn't going to let the mark you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tsuki-Dayo
    1.9M 71.2K 62

    [Name] is a member of the Karasuno's Girls' Volleyballs team. Just like Hinata and many other volleyball players, she is passionate about volleyball and her adrenaline rushes when she touches the ball. She's in the same class as Hinata and is close to both Hinata and Kageyama. In a mixed practice with the boys' volley...

  • Flowers || Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader
    417K 19.8K 16

    You never know whose day you might make just a little bit better by handing them a gift - or in your case, a flower. "Oikawa's over there." You eyed the ace curiously, wondering why he had said that, until you realized what he must have meant. He was about to leave when you called again, "Hang on." He turned, and you...

  • Dear Tooru,
    29.5K 2.9K 1

    I love you. [Oikawa Tooru x Reader}

  • Kuroo x Reader [COMPLETED]
    298K 14.5K 19

    [Im sorry the cover sucks; I don't own anything except the plot] The world is filled with many colours. And what colour we see depends on our status as a human. You're the kind of girl who was just an ordinary person: Not many friends, no love life, no parents. You could hardly see any colours when you open your eyes...

  • Kuroo x Reader [ON-GOING]
    77.6K 3.7K 11

    [sequel to COLOURLESS] link to the first book: 10 years later. What happens then?

  • 宿命的な [iwaizumi hajime]
    20.1K 1.2K 5

    [Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader; Soulmate!AU] His love for you is the sun that shines; your love for him is the darkness of the night.

  • all of the stars.
    4.8K 375 2

    [Oikawa Tooru x Reader] "But both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home." —Ed Sheeran // BONUS DRABBLE "Hands."

  • Oikawa X Reader
    1.1M 34.1K 41

    Oikawa Tooru and (L/N) (F/N) were a perfect couple, or at least that was the case three years ago. Then, Oikawa ran away to something (or someone) better. But, when he runs into (L/N) he discovers something that makes him wish he'd stayed. I DO NOT OWN THE HAIKYUU FRANCHISE

  • Haikyuu Mafia AU: Alone (FINISHED)
    23.4K 1K 38

    Y/N has never felt accepted, has never felt like she belonged. Born into a life of crime, she tried to escape, but every path brought her back to that world of blood. Unable to escape, she accepts her fate and carries out what she was born to do...kill. (I do not own the right to any of the characters in this story ex...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling for The Knight {Iwaizumi x Reader}
    109K 3.5K 22

    (L/N) (Y/N) has been in Karasuno since her second year, moving to her third. She is close to almost everyone in her class, she doesn't like starting problems, but not scared to start one if it is required. Being herself, she isn't interested in any specific sports. However, one day her best friend drags her to a voll...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captains: Kuroo Tetsurou × OC
    238K 7.6K 33

    "How the hell did these two idiots become captains?" Kuroo and Taiji are the captains of Nekoma High volleyball teams. How will two sides of the same coin cope with each other without being dumbasses ? Or while falling in love with each other?

  • Your First | Haikyuu!! [Miya Osamu]
    91K 5.4K 34

    First date. First kiss. First love. Almost everyone has already experienced at least one of those firsts in their high school years. Almost. There are people who still haven't had any. Perhaps because they weren't interested in anyone in high school, or because they wanted to focus more on their education. Or perha...

  • SHUTTER - Akaashi x Reader AU (Haikyuu!!)
    79.7K 3.5K 19

    {RANKED #1 IN #HAIKYUUFANFICTION 12/05/18} *Photography AU with a Twist* Desperate for money, about to be evicted from your apartment, you're willing to take any job to save you from being out on the street...but are you truly willing to shame yourself by working for Hex: the ever popular adult media company? You're...

  • Set Point.
    347K 17K 15

    [Oikawa Tooru x Reader] Honestly, you didn't mean to add him to the list of things you like.

  • Haikyuu! Various X Reader - Disguised
    2.4M 94.7K 36

    Being the only female member of the male MMA club, you swept your way to the top but being number 1 for a while wasn't fun. You wanted a challenge so what you didn't expect was a challenge from the volleyball team. No, they weren't going to fight against you, they asked one of the most bizarre questions you never thou...