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  • Didn't expect this (Yandere-Kun X reader X male rivals X Info-kun X Nemesis-kun)
    60K 1K 7

    Y/N Aishi is the fraternal twin sister of a girl known as Yandere-chan A.K.A Ayano Aishi. Unlike her sister, Y/N didn't get the family curse of being a Yandere. When she arrives at Akademi High she manages to attract several people. Including another Yandere, his informer, and a deadly assassin. Y/N had expected to de...

  • Tenderness | Various! Yandere Simulator X Reader
    32.9K 1.2K 9

    You, (Name) (Surname) take place as Taro/Taeko Yamada. You were an orphan who was adopted by the Yamada family as the only child before your brother was born to the world. You just recently transfer into a new school with your childhood friend, Osano Najimi. Everything was all good. Everything was exactly same; readi...

  • OBSESSED: Male Rivals x Reader (REWRITING!!)
    150K 1.3K 12


  • To Jump or To Fall (Genderbent!Yandere Simulator x Reader)
    111K 3.1K 15


  • Yandere Simulator BoysXReader!
    61.6K 1.4K 5

    In this story, you are the yandere sister of Ayano Aishi, more commonly known as yandere chan. You decided to move in with her and start school at Akademi High School as a first year. All of the guys start to fall for you.. Including senpai... How will your story end? ~I do not own Yandere Simulator or any of its cha...

  • My Stalker <3 (Yandere-kun X Female Reader)
    5.4K 53 5

    "She will be mine...all mine..and no one will stop me.." He said as he peeked around the corner to watch you. Every day and night he watched you-silently. He's waiting for finally notice him.. (I do not own Yandere Simulator all rights goes to Yandere Dev.) (This story was suggested by a fellow follower: @Ma...

  • Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader
    170K 4.5K 37

    [CRINGY AND UNEDITED!!!] There's a new girl in town and her name is Y/n L/n. A transfer student from England along with her sister Melody. Watch as she meets 10 different boys with unique personalities. Osano Najimi a tsundere who cares deeply for Y/n but doesn't show it. Amao Odayaka the sweet and caring president of...

  • OBSESSION: A Yandere Sim Fanfiction [BEING REMADE]
    15K 431 8

    ---------------------------------------[THIS BOOK IS BEING REMADE]--------------------------------------- [New story title: OBSESSION: A Yandere Sim Fanfiction [F!Reader x M!Rivals] REMAKE] When Y/n was born she brought a whole new mountain of obsession with her her mother and Ayano both love her more than words could...

  • ♡MINE♡ Yandere-Kun x Innocent! Reader
    365K 8.7K 28

    Ah yes you Y/n yamada the girl who has a crush on Ayato or as Yandere-Kun instead you were his friend..but you knew that he had a crush on your older sister..but you wouldn't mind helping him..even if it meant heartbreak for you..but unaware.. Yandere-Kun has a change in heart.. sorry for the crappy description ;-; I...

  • Just A Simple Kill/Yandere kun x reader
    38.7K 724 11

    you are Tomokas sister and your going to the same school as her a lot of boys start to develope a kind of crush on you then start to disappear what happens when a yandere starts killing? what happens when that yandere likes you? What happens if you like that yandere? Find out in this book.

  • All Eyes on You ( YANDERESIM )
    28.6K 768 4

    ❪ ALL EYES ARE ON YOU ❫ The last place you wanted to be stuck in was in "hell", or might you say, school. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< HEADS UP : This story is not planned ahead of time; I am moving the plot along as I write, so it may take a...

  • Loyal Alike (Male!Rivals X Reader)
    123K 3K 25

    >>>>>> Has been rewritten. <<<<<< My family never paid attention to me. Both of my parents kept telling me I was a mistake, but my all so perfect sister wasn't. So when my ten friends suddenly found a interest in me, I didn't know how to react. I have loved, but never been loved. My senpai, Taro Yamada, had rejected...

  • My Bloody Love (Yandere!Male! rivals X Reader)
    318K 9.1K 36

    ❝ But... Why me? ❞ ❝ Because you're the only one that drives me absolutely insane. ❞ ========== (Name)'s life wasn't very interesting, even she could admit that. She would go to school everyday and come home to see her little brother, the usual casual things everyone e...

  • A Reverse Harem? You go Girl! (Yandere Simulator male rivals x reader)
    77.5K 2.6K 12

    What would happen in yandere-kun got his Senpai without killing any of his rivals because his Senpai liked him anyways? Well that happened. All the Boys are devastated. But something changes when a very pretty girl shows up. (Y/n) a transfer student causes all Yandere-kuns ex rivals to fall head over heels in love wit...

  • Highschool love (Yandere simulator male rivals x reader) {On Hold}
    139K 2.9K 29

    [If you are reading this in other websites besides wattpad, please know that you are at risk of being attack by a virus-like thing. For more info, please go to Xx_ScopioRocks_xX. And go to a book with the word 'Awareness'. You have been warned.] [Cover made by lillyre.] The start of a new semester, a girl with long, g...

  • Sudden Changes [Yandere Simulator x Fem!Reader]
    427K 15.6K 67

    ѕтαтυѕ [𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗱] Note : The rivals will turned into the Male versions ones and Info-Chan and Ayano will be turned into Info-kun and Ayato. Senpai A. K. A Taro Yamada will be Taeko Yamada, a girl version of him. Nemesis will also turned into Nemesis-kun. ~ ❤ ~ Y/N L/N, a new girl who just got transferred fro...

  • ♥️Yandere Simulator Male Rivals x Reader♥️
    440K 5.3K 26

    The title says it all basically

  • ✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [Male Rivals X Reader X Various]
    524K 17.2K 32

    ✿I've always been told I'm not like my sister and mother. That I didn't have the same bland look in my eyes, or that I was much more....real. My sister had always loved me as I did her, we always stuck by one another no matter what. But...that faith and love came crashing down in mere seconds, all because his eyes wer...

  • Perfect Flaws (Yandere Simulator Various x Reader)
    301K 7.5K 44

    [SLOWER UPDATES/KIND OF A HIATUS] Ayato Aishi was in love, if you could call it love, with Taeko Yamada. Well, not only him, but 10 others. Ayato would do anything to get his senpai. But after a new student arrives, this task becomes more difficult. Taeko starts to crush on another person. His senpai was being taken a...

  • Wanting You - A Yandere Simulator Fanfic
    132K 3.6K 16

    DISCONTINUED (Yandere-kun x reader x male rivals) They couldn't help but fall for you. Your eyes. Your smile. Your laugh. Your everything. So who will you choose? The yandere... or one of many guys competing for your heart? (Will no longer be continued on here)

  • My Apologies {Yandere Simulator Male Rivals x Reader}
    62.8K 1.4K 13

    You, (Y/N), were a little baby when your mom died. Your Dad died from Ischemic heart disease when your mom was pregnant with you. She died giving birth to you. So were sent to an orphanage but what happens when you find your way out? You'll have to read and see!!! I'm evil aren't I? (UPDATE: Please check my announ...

  • | Yandere Simulator RP |
    8.5K 95 10

    • Art is NOT mine • Title says it all! Feel free to join! ^^

  • The Cold, Ruthless Killer [Yandere Simulator]
    275 9 8

    It's a brand new day at Akademi high. The students are happy and carefree, classes are still boring and the student council still keep the school safe. Everything seems to be perfectly fine. But when students start mysteriously disappearing and dying, things get a bit more interesting... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • What Am I? (Yandere Simulator Love Story)
    270K 9.7K 56

    I got so inspired by Yandere Simulator, I decided to write a fanfic about it. I hope you like it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My name is Amaya Aishi and I am the younger sister and fraternal twin of Ayano Aishi and Yandere-kun, who happens to be my older brother. We're all triplets and we all go to the same s...

  • Yours Truly(Yandere Simulator male rivals X reader)
    19.4K 785 7

    "Dear Y/N L/N, Your hard work didn't fail to impress us and the ones at Akademi High-the place where your exchange will be..." The words that mattered the most to you,being an exchange student in Japan for your last year of high school. The family that is hosting you for the year are the Aishis,with their lovel...

  • 30 Days in Yandere Simulator
    14.4K 428 7

    When a 16 year old girl named Kalie is accidently transferred to the world of Yandere-chan, she struggles to survive. The only thing she must do is survive, but that proves to be harder than it seems. Will she survive? Will she die? Who will she meet? Who will she choose to befriend? Read to find out... DISCLAIMER: I...

  • Yandere Simulator | Male Rivals x Reader
    252K 3.5K 12

    ( i lost interest so this will be marked as completed even though it's not. ) ✎ One-shots of the male rivals with the reader, as the title had probably explained ___________ Main Characters: ✦ Osano Najimi ✦ Amao Odayaka ✦ Kizano Sunobu ✦ Oko Ruto ✦ Aso Rito ✦ Mujo Kina ✦ Mido Rana ✦ Osorō Shidesu ✦ Hanakō Yamada ✦ Me...

  • Save me from my sins, awaken my light~ [Budo X Ayano]
    19 2 1

    Ayano Aishi hasn't been able to her hurt rival knowing that Senpai would be affected by it. She ran out of time. Osana confessed, and Taro accepted her. Without her Senpai's love, Ayano no longer has a purpose, or emotions, or any will to live. Is it the moment to just end it all ? She's ready to take her own life...

  • One by one | Yandere Simulator
    109K 1.8K 11

    Immerse yourself in the world of Akademi high school alongside some of the most beloved characters of Yandere Simulator! Seriously though, it's cute romance between you and Ayano's rivals. Cover: (I managed to delete the original :') )