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  • 👏 BREATH OF THE WILD GROUP CHAT 👏 +ART, Memes, Funny Extras, n Random Jokes
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    WELCOME TO BREATH OF THE WILD GROUP CHAT. Not ONLY champions here! Enjoy my attempt to be funny! It includes memes, funny moments, art, the actual group chat, their real life scenes...and the rest is up to YOU!! enjoy! This group chat has an actual story line, dw. I use my aMaZinG editing skills for jokes too. And hav...

  • Link's Instagram
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    Hi! I'm Breath of the Wild Link! And this is my Instagram!

  • Breath of the Wild; Champions Group chat 2nd edition
    15.2K 188 10

    You're crazy champions are back and better than ever...well...kind of. New characters like Linkle, Riju, and Teba join the chat! All new adventures too! Warning there is some swearing

  • Paradise: Rise of Champions
    8.1K 119 13

    *Will update Bi-weekly* Champions are not born they are made. Mipha, Daruk, Urbosa, and Revali have all had their struggles to overcome. Where Mipha's journey lies within her home and the past linked to a boy held down by the weight of the world. While Urbosa's life has been a constant turmoil from both the inside an...

  • Breath of the Wild; Champions Group Chat
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    *COMPLETED* GO CHECK THE SECOND ONE FOR MORE! These are random times no actual order. This is basically like a group chat where they text each other. When my other fict comes out I may incorporate some of the jokes into this one.

  • Random Creations
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    Just a place to share my art, ideas, and more without posting them directly in my stories. Please don't copy anything in her unless I say it's ok.

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule ✔️
    23.4K 1K 24

    When the three goddesses of the Triforce unintentionally grant the Princess of Hyrule the Triforce of Power, and the evil locked away from the world the Triforce of Wisdom, everything is in chaos as it was before, only it's the princess this time who's causing the trouble. Zelda had been power hungry for years. Year...

  • Too Far | Botw Sidlink/Zelink
    62.3K 906 17

    Zelda loves Link dearly, but sometimes she can get caught up in her duties and forget to give Link the credit and appreciation the Hero of Hyrule deserves. The Princess soon realizes that Sidon may be her last resort at earning Link's trust again.

  • A Link Between us - Paya X Link (UNDER HEAVY EDITING)
    490 3 1

    (THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN) It has been two years since Gannon was defeated. Hyrule is finally at peace, and everyone has been able to return to their simple lives. But back in Kakariko village, Paya misses the Hero of Hyrule. When will she ever see Link again? <This story contains events from the original Brea...