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  • Uns
    3.5K 519 15

    "Uns" means an affection, that prick in your heart of something missing. That glow on your face when it's near. The love which knows no boundaries. The 1989 Newcastle is falling apart in an earthquake forcing Uzair and Sairah together again. Is this a new start or a bitter end?

  • Mystery trip with Cousins
    55.7K 14.4K 48

    A story of 5 girls with perfect life and best families ever. Until a fun trip to an Island turns into horror, mystery and much more. To know, What is the mystery? Who are these cousins? Where are they going on trip? How will the trip come to an end? When will mystery turn into much more? Why will anything happen with...

  • Billionaire's Hijabi ( On Goodnovel App)
    245K 20.7K 31

    Hasan Khan is a 25 years old billionaire, he is an arrogant, heartless, rude, and also good looking man.He only love and care for his family but to the world he is a beast. He always gets what he wants and now he wants revenge from Khushi... Khushi Ali is a 23 years old beautiful,caring and very innocent girl.She l...

  • Yara & Yuhan ✔
    5.1K 1K 35

    She is Aimen Yara Rahman. He is Yuhan Abdur Rahman. She is an engineer in profession. He is a doctor in profession. She is broken. He is broken. She loses her mother. He lost his mother. She prefers to mingle. He prefers loneliness. She's an orphan. He's like an orphan. The story revolves around the two main role...

  • Living Dreams
    4.6K 480 24

    Collection of few tales about, Hearts that beat for love...❤ Minds that crave for love...❤ And Souls that share love...❤ Turn the pages and join hands to live the dreams of love❤ NOT SPIRITUAL!

  • Path To Success
    1.3K 195 17

    Life is not a fairytale. No one is perfect... But yeah some people are just unique in their own way That's what I think about me.. but this world don't accept people who are different whyy?? Just because they think we are not normal?? Seriouslyy?? Yeah I agree that I don't have a normal voice like everybody but that d...

  • Mr.A's Revenge
    65.9K 12.9K 57

    This is a story of two families, where the children bear the consequences for the mistakes of their parents. To know, Who is Mr.A? When will Mr.A take revenge? Why does Mr.A seek revenge? Where will Mr.A's revenge take the story? What will Mr.A benefit from this revenge? How will Mr.A's revenge end? You need to read...