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  • The Child Who Holds the Power
    193K 7.3K 34

    To Jezebel Spencer being made to move to the other side of the world, away from her beloved home and country of 15 years seemed like the biggest challenge she would ever have to face. That is until she starts her new at her new high school in Los Angeles and her life becomes almost unrecognisable. Being told you're no...

  • Raven Academy for the Extraordinary
    399K 17K 40

    Thank you for considering our special school. As in the title, our school is for the unique and extraordinary. A few questions before we go further: 1. Are you different than your friends? Do you seem to never fit in amongst them? 2. Before discovering our school, has anything strange ever happened to you? Something u...

  • Angel Academy
    5.2M 240K 65

    For years angel academy has taught students of all races and ability's, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragon riders, you name it. The school was created for a purpose, to help students reach their full potential and rise against the demons that vow to destroy the world as we know it. But one girl changes everything...

  • Fayre
    6.1M 370K 63

    Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, know, the typical teenage angst. But she couldn't be more wrong, for Melissa Crawford is not a mortal. Her adoptive mortal mother refused to give her up and hired a witch to erase the enchanting...

  • Innocence (OUAT/Peter Pan)
    2M 50.1K 53

    A girl doomed before her own birth to be violently wanted by every person in her entire world, and then imprisoned for her entire life starting at age 5, of course wants nothing more than to escape. His Shadow is called to her, and takes her to Neverland, where she gets her freedom. And when you give an evil boy an in...

  • Alphas daughter
    165K 7.2K 61

    Ella Reed is the daughter of the powerful, ruthless and controlling Alpha Alexander Reed - and the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. Ella likes to be in control, always. She will do whatever it takes to protect her friends, her pack and her secret. Ella was born an Alpha and she will happily put anyone who th...

  • The Queen Below
    327K 12.4K 32

    Persephone has been raised in Olympus all her life, her mother absent, her father a cruel king, with her siblings teaching her all they know. She has seen all of what the gods and goddesses do, their killing, their assaulting, the tricks they play on humans, and she is sick of it. When she learns her safety is threate...

  • Raven (Book One of the Dark Lycans Series)
    514K 28.8K 36

    The first installment of the Dark Lycans series. They live beside werewolves in the dark, deadly forests. Most fear them, but every once in a while, a few arrogant wolves believe they can destroy The Hunters. The Hunters show no mercy towards those who defy them. Trained from a young age, these highly skilled assassin...

  • Has Not Been Edited/ Mating The King Of Lycans(Book 1)
    145K 3.6K 53

    my mother always told me that the day I found my mate, I will be so happy he would love me beyound my scars. so tell me why am I not happy. I was pressed against the tree, all his weight on me, I felt the Sparks and I knew he had felt them as well. " what is your name?" he asked me, I tried to get out of his grip b...

  • The Whipping
    5.1M 177K 40

    After an Alpha has given up looking for their mate, and they need a Luna to help run the pack, they will organise an event known as The Whipping. Female volunteers from packs around the country will put themselves forward if they wish to be in the chance of becoming a Luna. These she-wolves would be whipped in front...

  • Dark Black Magic
    13.2M 459K 50

    Skyler is the ultimate loner. Raised by her witch Grandmother deep in the forest, Skyler has lived a friendless life of isolation and magic. Her fortunes change when she accidentally binds herself to a very powerful and handsome demon called Rayne. This former Prince of Hell is inexplicably drawn towards Skyler and fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bitten
    19.3K 932 28

    Ella Hale is a simple 16 year old girl who has lived in the country her entire life, listening to the wolves. But what happens when Ella goes to far in the forest on a full moon and comes face to face with a mysterious black wolf? And one bite is all it takes to change Ella's life forever.

  • Call of the Wolf
    911 64 22

    The ThunderPack has been attacked by a pack of demon wolves. Only Silverstar and her sister, Willowpaws, survived. After finding another wolf that tells them of an old prophecy and Silverstar's dream from the wolf goddess, it is certain Silverstar is the one to save them all and so her long and dangerous journey begin...

  • The Marking
    23.6M 128K 6

    *Completed* *Unedited* With every step he took towards me, I took one back until I hit the edge of his bed. A deep growl rumbled from his throat and I tried to make myself smaller in hopes that he would leave me alone. Being a human, I stood no chance against this beast in front of me. He would tear me apart. His mus...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Best Friend Is A Vampire And He Wants To Claim Me
    5.3M 100K 37

    This a story about Ashlyn and her bestfriend Chase. Summer is over and now school is back in session and Ashlyn has not seen Chase all summer. Now on the first day back to school he shows up and he has changed, he looks and acts different and most of all he wants Ashlyn!

  • Forced To Buy A Vampire Slave
    9.9M 252K 68

    Arabelle's forced by her parents to get a vampire slave even though she detests having slaves. This is the adventures of having a vampire slave and falling in love with one. READ IT!!

  • Isabelle Olympus (A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction)
    676K 13.8K 38

    Percy Jackson Fan-fiction Isabelle Olympus thinks she is an ordinary girl until one day she takes a bus ride that throws her into a world of Greek gods and monsters. She finds out about herself and learns to live with it. (this story is set before Percy arrives at camp, but he does appear in the story)

  • Shifter Academy: Book One Of The Shifter Academy Series
    90.8K 4.3K 29

    'Book 1 in the Shifter series' My name is Celina Birch and until yesterday me, and my siblings; Sydney and Alexander but Alex for short, thought we were human. Turns out we our from a family of shifters but, we would not know thy due to our parents dying when we were young and being adopted. The animal you shift into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Married to The Devil's Son (SAMPLE)
    11.7M 266K 28

    A prince, rumored to be son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she gets married. But married to whom? *** Once upon a time, the Devil fell in love with one of the King's many wives. One night he went to her room disguis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolfsbane
    125K 4.7K 55

    DEDICATED TO: @true_lies13 ~My First Ever Story~ COMPLETED EARLY Highest Rank in Werewolf: (unknown) Cover by: @true_lies13 Entered in: The Wattys 2016 HIGHEST RANK EVER: #9 in discontinued - #39 in rouge "I'm sorry, I have to do this..." Most people think Wolfsbane is a type of cure. But to werewolves it's a deadly k...

  • White Night
    49.1K 612 7

    When I was born I was the smallest one. They called me the runt. As I grew up I stayed small but I was also weak. Now they call me the weak runt In my teen years all the other teens began to train to protect the land we were given. I was left with the pregnant women who vowed to protect me. I had enough I began to tra...

  • Red
    432K 17.4K 54

    They say she is a devil. Inhuman even. Known only in the werewolf and hunter world and practically traceless in the human world, no one knows who she is or where she comes from. All they know is that she is a hunter. The only traces of where she's been are the bodies left discreetly in her wake. The only proof she ex...

  • The Alpha's Tribrid✔
    194K 6.3K 37

    06.10.21~~ #2 in love 06.10.21~~ #3 in romance 06.10.21~~ #1 in werewolf 06.10.21~~ #1 in mates "Why do you hate me?" I cupped her cheeks and deeply looked in her eyes. "I don't hate you Wyatt," she said and moved away from me. 'She's afraid of us, you poop,' August snarled. "Then why do you distance yourself from me...

  • What Belongs To The Alpha
    51.8K 2.1K 26

    "Do you know what you are asking for" it wasn't a question it was a statement, it's no longer a modern thing for mates to mark each other. Let alone the female to mark first. "I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't" he was calm as I paced back and forth on the old, dusty, deserted road. "Why?" I was confused, he cl...

  • The Wolf Of Legends
    289K 9.8K 37

    Myths and Legends... almost everyone believes they are just fantasies made up by an overactive imagination. The powers I posses are supposedly myths and have been written down like a prophecy, waiting to come true. I was made into stories that would tell your children at night, tales of werewolves with unbelievable po...