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  • Rune Mage [Fantasy/Adventure | Book 1 +2 | Complete]
    332K 41.9K 143

    FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST meets Brandon Sanderson's THE RITHMATIST. Rune Mage: Raising the dead is impossible magic. When Seiren killed her mother and sealed her sister in a stone, she swore to rectify the greatest mistake of her life, even at the cost of her own humanity. She signs up to be a state mage in order to resur...

  • Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1
    8.6M 407K 63

    Life for Valeriana Kerrigan has recently taken bad turns; her father dies, her best friend leaves and her mother is fighting to keep their life together. But in spite of all the imperfections, there are upsides. She gets accepted into the university of her first choice and is walking down a path of her dreams. Until...

  • The Bloodstone Prophecy - Book 2 (complete)
    237K 21.3K 44

    The series continues with Book 2 in The Shadow Wars series: THE BLOODSTONE PROPHECY, the sequel to Born of Shadow! Kami and her friends are racing from the shadow creatures. Time is running out, and it is more vital than ever that she learn to understand the power of her scarab necklace to save the ones she loves. Fe...

  • OathBlade (Wattys2015)
    652K 39K 85

    A strange and terrible power once performed dark puppetry with the dead to wage war against the living. One hundred winters ago that power was staunched. But it has returned. After a ruinous attack against her kingdom, Princess Elery takes up her father's sword to pursue the path of vengeance. A path which brings her...

  • Bonds Throughout Time
    147K 6.5K 122

    An original time-travel Adventure story. Time...a force without course or end. People age, buildings decay and the moon waxes and wanes. Only one force can withstand father time...the true bonds between people. These are the words of Edward Harrison a leading researcher of time is hard at work on a very secret pro...

  • Cloaked Beauty
    3M 51K 39

    Lorendian, a small country north of Russia, is under attack by Radeskian, a neighboring country with which Lorendian coexists peacefully only by immense effort. Radeskian is mad with thirst for power, perhaps even going so far as to plant a spy within the royal circle. But none of that matters to Celeste Edulici, the...

  • Eternal Spirit (Arc 4 - 2018)
    168K 4.8K 86

    Remember to subscribe. The Land Of Zestria...may change. As's heart Jealousy, Ego, Arrogance...these are the norm in Zestria. A peaceful land, fought between the two factions of the World. The story of this land and it's struggles has being told far and wide...

  • Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds
    270K 12.2K 200

    An ACTION fighting story. Featuring a Saku 6 - 9 months before Eternal Courage 1 Welcome back to Bio-duelling the sport that has taken the world by storm. Involving fighters with special powers who fight each other for the joy and rush of combat. However it's not restricted to Earth...but even don...