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  • The Perfect Universe
    115 4 2

    (fanart not mine) (will contain my oc, Laurie) In which the people in Multiverse of Madness use one of their two brain cells and send Wanda to a universe where Wanda is dead but the rest of her family is alive.

  • The Last Princess
    6.1M 294K 94

    amazing cover by @ellebonnett #1 Fantasy 1/20/2018 *warning* completely unedited, so proceed with caution EDITED version on my profile ************************************************************************************* Elvina is the eighth princess of the elven forest. She had seven older sisters. All of them are de...

  • Life Saver
    1.4M 46.4K 35

    Tony thought he was texting Steve, but Steve, still not really understanding phones, gave him the wrong number. . Peter Parker, secretly known as Spider-Man, lives with his abusive aunt. One day, Peter gets a text from an unknown number. Little did he know that the person he was texting would turn out to be his Life S...

  • Solangelo One Shots
    38.3K 697 8

    Read the title.

    204K 5.5K 17

    "why should we?!" "harry, calm down-" minerva tried saying. "calm down? cALM DOWN?!" he shouted. "you're telling me to calm down after springing the fact that we have to bring the grandson of the man who murdered my parents and led the greatest wizarding war ever to hogwarts?!" he stood up from his chair and headed fo...

  • Linny One-Shots
    28K 815 15

    Since I firmly believe this ship deserves a lot more attention, I think this book is long overdue. (Requests Open)