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  • Baking My Way Into Your Heart
    19K 727 22

    ATTENTION: this story is not mine, it was written by the silence on AU No wolves. College fic. Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new. Sterek. Fluffiness. Slow-burn.

  • (Sterek) Punked Out The Story
    145K 4.4K 15

    Teen Wolf, the not so normal story of Stiles Stillinski and his new life. Stiles was once an ordinary, sarcastic, witty 16 year old thin, lanky and fragile human boy. But after a terrible suprize, full of sadness, anger and betrayal from his 'loyal Pack' all he has left is anger. He leaves Beacon Hills and returns on...

  • and i thought it only a dream
    25.7K 1.2K 2

    Derek only started getting the dreams a few years ago, and he knows what it means, his soulmate is younger than him. Laura teases him incessantly about it, but Derek doesn’t pay her any mind. The dreams are fuzzy at best, he only has a fleeting glimpse of plaid shirts and laughter and a pink mouth. As Laura and he sta...

  • The Repairman Next Door (BoyxBoy)
    115K 5K 10

    Stiles moves into a new apartment and to begin with, things are great. He even tries to befriend his grumpy neighbour who makes a lot of noise at night. But when things begin to break, he finds out why the seemingly nice place was so cheap. AU, no werewolves.

  • Sterek Age Regression One Shots
    276K 5.5K 49

    A collection of sterek age regression fics written by me All writing is mine do not steal or repost my work All photo creds go to owners.

  • I Will Always Love You No Matter What(Sterek)(Age regression)
    206K 3.9K 31

    Stiles is a little, but nobody knows and he wants it to stay that way. He's in love with Derek, but things are starting to get complicated for Stiles when he suddenly have to tell Derek about his secret(s). Will Derek, Scott and Allison be accepting of his secret(s), or will they turn their back towards him?... A tee...