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  • I'll Change (UT Papyrus X UF Papyrus)
    33.7K 782 39

    IF YOU'RE NOT INTO THIS STUFF THEN DON'T READ IT! Basically papcest between innocence and uh... (let's not go there). Please don't hate me because this is the first proper romance thing.

    Completed   Mature
  • (UF! Papyrus x US! Papyrus) : My One True Pair
    5.1K 108 20

    (Authorcchi here! *Hiss* Hoo boy, yep. Swap Papy and Fell Papy? Anyone...? anyone... Just me? alright.) Swap Papyrus looks at his Underfell self pinning him at his station area. He blows a big smoke as Fell Papyrus coughs and looks at him in annoyance. "So... you are me... right?" Swap Papyrus said as Fell Papyrus sco...

  • Fells Hips(underfell papyrus x underswap papyrus)
    23.7K 316 11

    Just my mind needing to write a fucking fanfic

  • PAPYRUS SANDWICH (( UF Papyrus & US Papyrus ))
    1.8K 53 12

    A battle for a single human ((NSFW!!!))

  • .:Different:.(DISCONTINUED)
    18.3K 407 9

    Sans is struggling with depression, and Papyrus is having a difficult time getting a grip on his feelings for his brother. Both issues put together leads to an angsty bromance that any FontCest lover will adore.

  • The Daughter of Papyton (COMPLETE)
    7.1K 224 18

    (Book 1•~) (Cover art Not Mine.) What if you were the daughter of the Famous Mettaton and Papyrus? Well, in that case, I am. I am Y/N L/N, and I am the Younger sister of Impact. •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• In a world, where you interact with different monsters and people from different worlds, rips in timelines can occur...

  • Secrets of a Skeletal Daughter
    836 43 8

    •~=•Finished!•~=•~ (Sequel to 'The Daughter of Papyton') (Book 2•~) | •~=•~=•~=•~=•~=•~=• Being trapped in the anti-void wasn't very entertaining, nor productive. I mean, neither just SITTING there is productive, either. And I just want to get home, and tell my brother, family...

  • Determined Together | A Papyton Fanfic | Undertale
    10.7K 442 14

    The barrier was broken not too long ago. None of the monsters really knew how or why, but now they were free to roam the Surface. Then there was Mettaton, the Underground's most famous (and only) robotic star. This was his time to shine. He had been waiting his whole life to be free and become the star he had always...

  • Pregnancy (ErrorInk) ~Book One~ || COMPLETE ||
    5K 81 17


    Completed   Mature
  • Undertail Suggestions [Slow Updates]
    1.5K 12 12

    It's a suggestion story! I'll take any ships!

  • Metallic Bones (Papyton)
    4.3K 98 13

    Papyton. Yeet. I'll think of something better to put here.

  • A girl who can't be kept a secret : Underfell Papyton
    3.2K 98 9

    Why am I wrighting ANOTHER PAPYTON STORY?!? well my answer this is underfell so yeah. Also ATHENA IS MINE!!! MINE AND ONLY MINE UNLESS YOU ASK PERMISSION!! thank you~ Highest Rank: 48 in papyton 😆😍