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  • memoir of sin [tom riddle]
    11.1K 581 7

    poetry book inspired by the seven devils

  • malignancy of swans | tom riddle
    28.3K 1.8K 11

    Irene Sovetskaya yearns for vengeance. After a strong suspicion of the Emperor's hand in her parents' assassination, the newly titled Countess desires to spill the blood of the monarchy. To do so, she must be admitted to the royal court, and marrying the prince seems the most plausible choice. The only problem is that...

  • of sinners and saints | tom riddle
    6.8K 445 3

    SPIN-OFF FROM THE SEVEN DEVILS/VIRTUES. The battle of 1945 has brought nothing but sorrow to the Knights of Walpurgis. Regardless, Tom Riddle will not let anything interfere with his plan. Their new motto-divide and conquer. Rosier's last months at Hogwarts play on loop. Elladora takes the streets of New York. Maxwel...

  • the seven virtues [tom riddle]
    556K 25.8K 41

    SECOND BOOK OF THE SEVEN DEVILS. [warnings: eventual smut•death•violence•possibly disturbing scenes•dark magic•religious themes] One year and a half after her departure, Varya Petrov is still fighting against time itself. With Grindelwald's attacks on Hogwarts becoming more and more aggressive, there is only a matter...

    Completed   Mature
  • the seven devils [completed]
    1.5M 76.4K 62

    COMPLETED AS OF NOVEMBER 2020 18+ PLEASE READ TRIGGER WARNINGS [warnings: slowburn•eventual smut•enemies to lovers•dark magic•death and gore•this fic is targeted at an audience of 18+ due to its portrayal of manipulation and toxic behavior] In 1926, Grindelwald is captured for the first time by Newt Scamander, making...

    Completed   Mature