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  • 🏐Haikyuu!! Oneshots🏐
    34 8 2

    Request if you want. Just note that I'll not do every single one, so I'll apologize in advance if your requests aren't added in the book

  • Fan Art
    22.7K 834 44

    This book is reserved for fan arts from you amazing artists. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to make art of my OCs and give me the motivation to keep writing. You're all so talented and deserve the best. If you have a piece of art you'd like me to include, either pm it to me, send it through discord, or post...

  • The Babysitting Project 3 : Spin Off
    87.2K 3.4K 8

    We've all seen (Y/n) and Oikawa take care of the four crow babies, right? Well what if it was the other way around?

  • Hey! Pancake, You're Mine | Haikyuu!! Kei Tsukishima X Reader |
    1.2M 51.3K 37

    After saving you from a stalker, Volleyball player Kei Tsukishima, offers you a pretend relationship to completely throw off your dangerous admirer. The plan was stopping your pretend relationship when the stalker is finally uninterested, but everything on the surface is not what it seems... #1- tsukishima- May 1, 202...

  • Amor a mil Granadas (Bakugou x Tu)
    99.4K 7.6K 14

    (T/N) es una chica alegre, noble y cariñosa, pero cuando la haces enojar es todo lo contrario. Mientras que su amigo de infancia tiene un carácter muy fuerte y explosivo, pero con el paso del tiempo los sentimientos cambian y querrán ser más que amigos. "Me gustas idiota" - los personajes no me pertenecen ni las imáge...