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  • Opposites//ERASERMIC//Boku No Hero Academia
    84.6K 2.4K 17

    Aizawa goes to UA high school to be a underground hero. Then he recognizes his crush from his middle school, Hizashi Yamada, who was in another class in his previous school. Now they are classmates

  • Toddler Merlin
    26K 1.1K 3

    While Arthur and Merlin are out hunting Merlin gets turned into a toddler. And Arthur has to take care of him. Fun!

  • When a Mirror Shatters(Drarry Fanfiction)
    488K 16.4K 8

    One gloomy night after quidditch, Harry Potter walked into an old bathroom to find Draco Malfoy crying in front of a mirror. Harry doesn't know what to feel, they've been enemies for forever. He needs to help, but he can't let his real feelings show. What does he decide? He decides to take the Gryffindor way out.

  • dracos lil sisters dairy
    94 1 10

    mia is 8 years old she loves her mom and brother

    Completed   Mature
  • Heartbreak Warfare
    4.1M 149K 64

    "You know what I think?" Harry leaned across the table. "I think you're afraid. You don't take risks like us Gryffindors." He scoffed. "Please, you Gryffindors are all wand-waving and no spell." Harry grinned, settling back into his seat. "Not me. I always follow through." "Prove it." Harry stood up and walked around...

  • Amortentia Drarry
    93.8K 2.4K 19

    They are brewing a love potion when a certain klutz causes a whole problem that he will now have to solve. Read the story to figure out what will happen between Harry and Draco. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Boyxboy Fluff Smut Angst 20,223 words Finished on November 22, 2020