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  • Transformer Swears/insults/curses
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    Firstly I DO NOT own transformers or anything to do with them. I just thought I would share some great new Cybertronian words to add to your dictionary. All credit goes to the creators of this list and the people who made transformers a thing. Please don't sue me haha....

  • Transformers Terms
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    Transformer terminology can be challenge to old and new readers and writers. Especially since they have such a vast amount of cannon series and differences throughout the Transformers fandom and shows itself. Please share to help out fellow Transformers fans :) This is a complete list of what I have found while readin...

  • Transformers Cybertronian dictionary
    16.6K 396 71

    Words that cybertronians use but they mean the same thing or are used the same way.

  • cybertron thesaurus.
    21.5K 749 44

    All you need to know about the Cybertronian culture and their knowledge. A database that once belonged to the Iacon now in the hands of a curious wanderer.

  • Cybertronian Terminology
    4.5K 89 5

    A collection of terms regarding Cybertron.