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  • Sometimes, Even Gifts Can Be Curses | InoZenTan | Oneshot | Kny
    3.4K 182 1

    It was just like any normal day for them, the crow told them where to go, they traveled there, they find the demon or demons, and they did what their namesakes implied. They slayed demons. But when the demon became desperate, unleashing its full capability to stay alive... It happened. It was inevitable at worst, bu...

  • Hanahaki Love (a Soudam Story)
    1.8K 83 11

    This story takes place in AU of SDR2 where there's no killing game. It's not the Neo World Progam either. there's no angst in the first/first few chapters CWS: coughing up/throwing up blood and flowers. Depression. It's going to b angsty sorry. Maybe S/H but not sure yet I don't wanna trigger myself heeh One night Kaz...